Friday, 12 January 2018

2017 #flashbackfriday

So it seems a few years has passed since I was last active on my blog - so here is a new post for the new year 2018.
Here is a collage of #2017bestnine photo from my Instagram. I've made a mini come back at cosplay with several Kakegurui characters (Yumeko, Sayaka, Meari) and a couple new costumes. It also captured the coscards printed for Comic Fiesta Mini which I attended (and booth-ed) for the first time in Penang.
One year ago, I spent my 2017 new year's day in Tokyo shopping for my first fukubukuro (lucky bag or happy bag). Just before Easter weekend, my heart broke when my beloved mum passed away.
Today I'm reflecting on the past year, and looking forward to spend 2018 more... Beautifully.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

TBS - shattered glass incident!

since it was my first time here on Wednesday, i'll tell you something: if you're driving, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is actually quite a distance from MRR2 to the carpark. once you arrive at the 'ground floor' (or where the bus ticket counters are), you'll see the boarding time noticeboard thing that airports have. one floor above, there are fast food restaurants and a food court. on first sight, everything looks impressive.

suddenly, i heard glass shatter to the ground floor! two person fled the bench near platforms 11-13 as more broken glass fell from first floor. two ladies from the information counter walked over to help one of the man who (i think he was over-reacting) acted frail and patting glass off his short-haired head. he wasn't old nor bleeding as i could see from a short distance.

there weren't many passerby that evening, so there wasn't much of a havoc or crowd. but i'm writing this because i want you to know it happened. where did the glass fall from? it was from one glass pane directly above it; some fell on the escalator beside the bench too.

i wasn't sure how it broke, but soon some uniformed men were standing near the broken pane to divert (nonexistent) traffic and the bench area was cordoned off. one side of the escalator was also shut down, leaving one escalator for passengers to get to the other bus platforms.

not very exciting isn't it? since i couldn't snap a photo of it happening (i was hurrying elsewhere) i'll leave you with a photo of TBS bus depot.