Monday 16 July 2007

last week's spring roll! (not ew!)

ta-dah! did you notice the editted format of the blog? i have now finalised the new layout to suit the title of the blog. ^__^;; took me some time, no? it took me some time to get the poll conclusion up too.

anyway, the poll last week ("Do you, or someone you know, whose blood type is A tend to dislike cosplay and hate to be woken up from slumber?") had seven votes in total but 29% replied to a redundant answer ("not blood type A"), so i wont take that into the conclusion. now, i'm not telling the world that it is a definite fact but 72% votes had a similarity, that blood type A's tend to be in bad mood as they are awaken. there were 0% votes to disagree with the option that the opinion was "not true". however, that doesn't mean you can mess with AB or B or O types. (especially AB type coz they carry the A gene too!) as for the cosplay relation to sleep moodiness, 29% responded to "not the cosplay, just the slumber part" as cosplay relation is only a personal opinion, hence, cannot be applied to everyone. (go interview cosplayers for their blood type; you're bound to find A types.)

in conclusion, don't mess with blood type A's when they are in slumber (and try to apply to AB type too) and don't push them towards something if they don't want to do it. they may not show it, but you don't want to find out too late. don't say i didn't warn ya.

oh, and here's a souvenier from my english class:
Passive Sentences (rewriting):
Q: the snake escaped from the zoo keeper.
A: the snake was escaped by the zoo keeper.
correct me if i'm wrong as we all learn from our mistake. nobody wants to make the same mistake twice. then again, would it be a mistake if there were to be an eighth book to the Harry Potter series? all i know is that one portion of my saving goes to some publisher and author.


Unknown said...

i updated! finally~

MeLC said...

I can't see the layout difference...o_0

あきこ said...

i only changed the sidebar fonts and the
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