Wednesday 12 March 2008

long story... [belated]

"You know you've found love
When you look in their eyes
And find yourself." Monique Patton

that was a random love quote brought to you by my iGoogle homepage. that reminds me, i have not updated my blog for a month now (since valentine's day). btw the last post was as close as anybody will get to my february the fourteenth. honestly, i would like to show you some photos, unfortunately i do not have access to them. yet. XP oh, long story short, i dont have a camera on that day.

the main subject here is the long story. after CF07, was christmas. after that was new year's eve party at ywsmokona's place. after that was second semester final examinations. then the february month-long semester break. then the chinese new year celebrations. along came thailand's ko samui adventure (tumpang the 4x4 club members for 6 days). along came the valentine's day. oh, long story.

the termination of my phone number 012. and my new DA account.

how the termination of my ex-012 came around was actually something PR practitioners (i think) would categorise as a crisis that is going to break out anytime. there has only been exactly three phone numbers (you know who you are) that my dad is mad at me for the hours i spent on airtime. (i dont blame any of you, coz i enjoy talking with ya. more often than not, in the mid of the night.)

in cases like this (a crisis), a PR practitioner who saw this coming should have two weapons: one is the prevention; two is the solution, just in case. seems like i was no good at prevention because i could not do this one thing: persuade. to persuade myself not to spend so much on airtime. and to persuade the three of them to call me instead. (but strangely, i can persuade myself to commit to a lot other prevention!)

well, i suppose i wasnt so bad. the first gal, i managed to stop myself from hours on the mobile phone now (switched to fixed line though). the second guy, oh im hopeless at changing my ways. the third pal, only once did i talked that long (and she now does all the calling).

now the solution. haywire~!!! i was prepared to switch from postpaid account to prepaid, but things took its own course. for one month after this year's CNY, i leeched from my sister's phone. i wonder how many people tried (and failed) to contact me, without knowing that i actually had that number terminated. plan A: switch to prepaid. plan B: register a new prepaid number. sorry i took so long, it wasnt until march that i got a new one. even then, i only contacted 012/017 contacts of the change. *kedekut*

long story short, dear friends, just ask me for my new number, i'll be willing to email to you. XD

next, ive got myself a new DA account because i thought it would be a good way to keep track of my poems by uploading them. right now i record them onto paper, and then save them in document files on the computer (but things get messy after a while). i suppose i could only blame myself for two things: first is do regret when i find out someone has been claiming the poems theirs (shameless!!); second is regret when someone is affected and does something drastic/tragic after reading my poems. dont say i dint warn ya.

if you are interested to read my poems (i post three weekly from my oldest one to more recent), just visit this link.

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