Tuesday 24 June 2008

cosplay 2008/09~

yay for the new year! cosplay project post in july 2007, i have started the following (which are coincidentally in order from top of the list, if you read the old post):
- amane misa / death note (90% - only the collar has no lace sewn and i cannot style my wig like the illustration; then retire)
- chii / chobits (10% - only got the bloody long wig and persocom pink&white prop; basically can spoil her in any extra frilly sweet lolita dress XD)
- ryomou shimei / ikki tousen (5% - need to style the blue wig and sew her meido costume <3 and have to speed up, because new season of ikkitousen gonna be released and i'll be prehistoric)

as for the rest of the old list:
- midori & seiji / midori no hibi (give up - mizuiro dont wanna be my midori T_T)
- rinalee / d. gray man (give up - i dont give a damn how much more sexy her newer outfits are becoming)
- nemu kurotsuchi / bleach (gradual progress - i found a mayuri cosplayer, but he still hasnt contacted me! TAT
- yukari "caroline" / paradise kiss (no progress - still weighing whether to give up or not because i cant find red tartan cloth for anime photoshoot version.. i want to live as yukari~)
- kougaiji / saiyuki reload (no progress - supposedly given up, but i found a sanzo! can team up later; as for flat chest, comments have been very encouraging, what about me not having enough flesh in the boobs for eclair, simca and misato)
- saki hanajima / fruits basket (give up - i kinda prefer to keep long black braid hair charas to nemu only, since it makes me look so cacat)

as for the present, i have also worked on some new charas that i did not forsee early enough to list them. here's a peek:
- misato katsuragi / neon genesis evangelion (new - just thought what a way to past time during the evangelion movie screening next month and next year's GACC evangelion group)

- simca no tsubame / air gear (sewing - AG group photoshoot this weekend! also because i cannot resist pink hair chara lol)

- seras victoria / hellsing (new - joining the hellsing group at CF2008 day1~ just because i love her harkonnen, wouldnt you? its 21inches long!)

- liz thompson / soul eater (shopping - together with patty and death the kid on CF2008 day2~ for the love of the manga, so nyah.)

- nina williams / tekken (dreaming - remember my short gray pantsuit during taylor's anime fest 2007? im hoping to work on nina's silver pantsuit ring fight version for comiworld 2008~)

- lacus clyne / GSD final plus (dreaming - because i love her chairwoman uniform! XD)

okay, time to go!


MedicOnTheRun said...

ok simca probably could pull it off..
NINA WILLIAMS!!!!! no way!!!
and i think u could always go as chii in the extra large shirt :P

yWs said...

Waaa!!! I wanna see you cosplay them weii~! Hahaha^^

Good luck on that ya~!
Will wanna see more from you!


あきこ said...

yws> sankyuu! will work more on those that already started.
the confirmed list: misa, chii, ryomou, simca, seras, liz.

motr> no to nina? you must be joking. no irish need apply!
lol..im not able to enter any event with just an oversized white shirt, with obligatory white (lacy?) pantsu. even if it was chii. (its too tiring to have to stop at every 2-3 steps for photo requests again. probably takes half an hour to walk from point A to B.)

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