Thursday 5 March 2009

the disappearance of akiko's post(s)

apparently, when i click on "publish" a post, it does not get published AND the post disappears off "edit posts" page! luckily, i copy+paste the text and started a new post, click publish, and same thing happens! on the third try (copy+paste into new post) i saved it as draft. then i clicked "show drafts" and guess what?

i saw three identical posts - draft and including the two that i thought had disappeared! before i publish them it *again*, imma testing with this post. *cross my fingers* (but if the previous post get published, the presstime is before today.)

oh, i also changed the entire blogtext font size. shrunken it. cuter deshou? coz everytime i view in 800x600 in IE, my blog looks like a kindergarden book - the texts were so bloody HUEG.

EDIT: yay! "disappearing" post has been published successfully! read here.

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