Sunday 10 May 2009

Air Gear photoshoot (sneak preview)

event: air gear photoshoot (another outdoor version - first outdoor AG shoot here)

date: 9 may 2009 (last year was around june~)
time: 10am onwards
venue: putrajaya (exact location unknown lol)

Ikki - Wen
Buccha - beatbox84
Onigiri - mamoru_sama
Ume - Akira
Ringo - Mizuki (not sure if i got your name right)
Agito/Akito - Space-chan
SpitFire - Reno-san
Simca - akiko.wolf (this time not a lame con makeup artist)
Nike - Rayray0211
Nue - sky_pegasus

*extra* - DeidaraGS (thank you so much for staying with our bags and whatnots while we shot at the location)

photographer: green (not sure if i got your name right)
extra cameras: sky_pegasus, DeidaraGS, mamoru_sama (whose photos are used in this preview)

*slap self* i forgot simca's hair has center parting at the back. (shhh... reno dating dei in the background. XD jk lah.)

anyway, although the shoot was in the morning, i went to bed half past 4am coz i was still coloring and printing the AG team emblems (which reminded me of those days nights chatting with guki until the crack of dawn).

i met up with rayray opposite IOI mall around 8.30am, and then joined by sky about 9am, and then convoy with beat and his fancy carful of boys around 9.30am, and reached alamanda putrajaya before 10am to meet space and the rest of the members. after we got changed in the toilet (where there was a curious male cleaner who stared at us girls changing into our colourful wigs) near parkson, we all continue the journey at 11am to our shoot location which was located at... somewhere after the landmark putrajaya bridge. which bridge? beats me.

wait. you have to listen to my explanation. simca's boobs were D-cup that day, but yours truly wore C-cup (coz i dont have D-cup bras). so the upper part of my costume may be *quite* tight (would explain the creases at the side seams).

since we were running short of time, and the camera gal was running out of shots, space kicked into her well-organized director mode. our shots had been pre-planned so no slip ups or "oops we forgot to shoot this character or that scene" or whatnot. for our final shot we had to skip the ever glorious "jump shot" as we were running out of shots, so nue/sky decided to do a "water shot" which half of us took a dip in a shallow pool of water! (my boots were bloody wetful of water going slosh slosh slosh.)

anyway, photos here are courtesy of mamoru who allowed us to take some funny photos with his camera. XD

all sticker emblems are proudly sponsored by yours truly.

make-up assistance was also proudly brought to you by yours truly.

wig styling by myself.
srsly. the wig kept falling back, so that explains why my fringe look so short. grr.

dei, why so cool at the back there!

*continues to wait patiently for the photoshoot pix from green*


Gray said...

Simca didn't flash her butt =P otherwise this looks rly cool.

あきこ said...

gray> cant flash my butt lah. XD would be so embarassing to show mah knickers. hahahah~

Kclee said...

smexy <3

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