Saturday 30 October 2010

dimsum breakfast~

i have seen some spell "dimsum" as "timsum" but as long as we get the point across, let's not argue on that, alright? early today it was already raining, but since my family were all awake, we decided to go out for some breakfast at our usual dimsum place.

since the little plates the restaurant provided were cleanly white the sauces were in squeeze bottles, i had an itch to draw a cute face! i need more practice though. haha~

after a few dishes (where several pieces had fat juicy shrimps in the filling), the kitty face on the plate has been smeared, leaving only a little bit of whiskers surviving from my breakfast.

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Jane Ng said...

Akiko~ :3 I don't know how to contact you so I'm commenting here.

Sachiko here from K-On! group :)
I need help in make up tomorrow (Animangaki) ne D: Would you be able to help? :3 Anddddd, what time will you be there? :)

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