Friday 29 October 2010

triangle sandwich maker!

i could not remember when or where had i seen this triangle sandwich maker before, but i remember the price stopped me from buying it, but i really wanted to try it - and now i own one! i bought it from the 'plastic-all-RM5-each' pile at Ace Hardware in Sunway Pyramid.

yesterday morning , i made some scrambled egg (with added mayo, since milk was still too cold from sitting in the fridge). then i pressed the triangle sandwich maker on the bread (with egg and cheese, and spicy tuna fillings) and packed it for lunch at college (i had a 3-hour break between classes). here are a couple sandwich, pictured along with my law notes~

it was kinda hard to 'stamp' the bread out (it took me a minute or two to press just one sandwich) so i would recommend using it on a totally flat surface like a chopping board (i pandai pandai pressed it on a plate).

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