Friday 3 June 2011

Birthday cake! 「たんじょうびケーキ!」

since i enjoyed the Create Your Own Story cake from Bread Story, i decided to order the same cake again for my own birthday cake. it is actually vanilla sponge cake with fresh mixed fruits (not the yucky fruitcake type) covered with white icing.  you simply order the cake according to size (RM10 for 4inch, RM26 for 6inch) and decorate the cake with the provided coloured icing~

however, this time i bought the 4inch cake (previously i bought the 6inch cake) which now lacked space, so i could only squeeze the 'birthday number' on the top, instead of decorating something more elaborated.

plus, the icing piping bags edge had melted/liquid icing. when i lifted the piping bag over the cake, icing dripped on the white cake! luckily i could cover the 'stain' with coloured icing.

then, when i was drawing the chandelier strings, i realised i had gotten rusty and forgotten how i had decorated the cake previously, so it got messed up on the sides too.

yes, i know the sides looks terrible and you can still spot the dripping icing i tried to cover!

in the end, i added sugary stars and chocolate rice (which is sold separately from the cake at RM2 per pack). the result? i will only show you the one photo above... and leave the rest to your imagination!

♥ thank you to my family for taking me out for a birthday dinner~ i loved all the birthday greetings from melc, ywsmokona, minori, sayoko, merrinette, nqw, nana, clow, misao, izumi, muzaffar, kazuya, michi, solomon, and more friends!


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