Friday 30 September 2011

Goku Raku Ramen @ Mid Valley

after watching Railways (2010) at GSC Mid Valley Japanese Film Festival (RM5 each ticket), organised by Japan Foundation, kilmenyanne and i were starving from lack of dinner. so i intoduced her to a new place (to us) called Goku Raku Ramen because it was having a 50% discount on ALL ramen items on monday and tuesday this september.

i ordered some sort of char siew pork with egg ramen, while kilmenyanne ordered some kind of spicy char siew pork ramen. there is absolutely no way to remember the long food names especially with someone who kept pointing out good looking waiter and waitress left and right.

verdict of Goku Raku Ramen titular dish? absolutely amazing! the broth tasted thick of pork flavor, the ramen smooth and original, while the portion is definitely generous. i would eat here again even without the discount.

our drinks were not discounted but i was too full to refill my refillable hot green tea, and kilmenyanne was contented with a mug of Sapporo beer.

Japanese food is a great way to end a Japanese movie day~

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