Wednesday 5 October 2011

Ray Malaysia [Be in the Mag] Mad Over Spots

today i joined my first Facebook contest organised by Ray Malaysia, which is published by Cite in English translation! oh, what a dream come true for me to find an Asian fashion magazine published in English version! Cite also publish Malaysia version of Mina magazine (which i love to read for fashion, too) but it is in Chinese edition, so i could only stare at the photos and figure out tutorials by imagination.

this month, Ray Malaysia is hosting another model search for their next issue, and to participate, you only need to get a photograph of yourself polka dotted (pic below: polka dotted salopette skirt, polka dotted border socks, polka dotted lace on cutsew top; all Bodyline except shoes and handmade accessories) and ONE of the winner's prize is a magazine-worthy makeover! be sure to log on to Ray Malaysia Facebook page, Like them, and Like my photo too! "please and thank you!" - Kim Possible.
a very special thanks to Herman Photography for the photograph - this is an unedited photo of the subject and resized smaller.
remember to vote for me here!

Ray, the September 2011 English version was actually brought in by someone at my workplace earlier this week, and i so happen to find it lying on his table. we think that Ray Malaysia was a really well written and translated copy in English. (a couple months ago i also discovered SCawaii in Malay edition, but the contents were less of my taste, unfortunately.) despite being RM9 (RM1 more than SCawaii), i would definitely read Ray! in addition to Mina of course, but that would mean somebody *cough*JO*cough* has to pay for my monthly expenses.

by the way, since i uploaded one photo, i might as well upload the other photos from my recent lolita-themed studio fashion photoshoot with @encikmisao. here are a few photos~

..and the full gallery at Herman Photography's flickr)!


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I love this mag too!

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