Friday 8 June 2012

Welcoming Myself

It seems as if I have fallen off the face of earth or sucked out of the earth gravitational atmosphere for what seems like an eternity, but it was only truly been 6 long months; not that I was that much active in blogging within the previous year - I was scandalously on Tumblr because Neil Gaiman was there too. Hello, Neil (if you happen to be reading this)!

Despite the lack of words that I put on my Tumblr blog (you may always pay me a visit here for pictorial content: I feel somewhat a lot more motivated and more content to be back on Blogger platform where my words can reign freely - of course, you can have many words on Tumblr as well but I prefer to watch the intelligence revolving beneath Tumblr posts.

Oh, before I wander further... Welcome back, dear Readers! Well, there are about a hundred daily unique visitors to my dead blog, so I doubt you have read me before this post. Nevertheless, welcome. The odds are with you. You might recognise this from my still-active Twitter display photo (@akikowolf) but anyway, here is a picture of me with a frozen smile:
(P.S. please ignore the flourescent error.)

Yes, I have cut my hair short in comparison to the photo in my previous post, if you have noticed. Summer is near, and in Malaysia it just means the weather is getting extra hot - so before everyone else starts chopping their tresses off, I got mine done last month (when everybody shushed me off that it was still spring).

I got it done reasonably cheap at one of those quick cut shops. Though this one has a not-so-stylish stylist, he seems awfully mesmerised by the fact that I chose to get my hair done there, perhaps with him (actually, there was no other stylist in the shop that day). Perhaps it was the pink in my blonde. Still, never judge cheap fee with passable quality because the stylist too forever to cut my hair before his assistant washed my hair, and he took another eternity to blow dry my hair straight. I simply enjoyed the pampering and the end result.

Now, I don't know about you and I don't mean to mock anybody's intelligence, but I fear I must stop somewhere around here for Blogger readers are not usually (or as commonly) accustomed to reading a long boring text post. If you tl;dr down here, you have just missed my adventure with a mesmerised stylist.

See you in the next post - I look forward to return to blogging more because your comments keep me alive!

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Anonymous said...

Harlo~ May i know what brand and name of hairdye you are using for the pink?
Your hair looks very very lovely! I have tried to get this shade of pink for so long but its so hard
Hope you don't mind my question ^^;;

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