Monday 29 April 2013

new logo & first t-shirt design!

this semester, for an assignment, i was required to create a logo which represented myself in no more than three colours. i learned through brand research, draft sketches, and Illustrator vector that the final artwork had not been a simple process. to cut the story short, i managed to design something i like (albeit it may not be to the tutor's expectations) and the result is printed on t-shirts. (you will see more of this logo on my website too!)

i bought two plain tees from Giant, and heat transfer paper from Digital Mall, then i printed and ironed the logo. ta-dah! the result varied from one tee to the other because i printed each one on two different inkjet printers and each tee were of different sizes (M for white, S for black).

i submitted the black tee and kept the white one (as i was only required to submit only one) but i hope it will return to me next semester after assessment is done. if it does not, meaning it has become the university's property as student artwork - i would be in dilemma on how to reflect on this.

anyway, have you ever thought of making a custom printed tee for yourself?

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MelC said...

The answer to your question would be no. The thought of designing my own tee never came to my mind before reading this. With that said, I like your logo on the white tee more. =D

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