Tuesday 25 June 2013

from gingerbread to ice-cream sandwich

24 hours flew past and i have yet to feel disabled by the new android phone in my hand. goodbye, LG Optimus One; hello, Ninetology Black Pearl II.

the larger screen is easy on my eye; plus, i can finally adjust lower brightness than my older device could. the side volume button is on the left unlike LG; i don't quite like how it sticks out, too sensitive for me (often, unintentionally changed the volume). it seems highly unlikely for Ninetology to design a standing dock for BP2 due to the fact its microUSB port located at the top. i like how the body is thinner (as in flatness) but rather long for my girly fingers' reach. begone, hard keys (i deal with you no more); for here comes the soft keys (i have await you long). what's more, i can shoot 8MP photos instead of 3MP photos, albeit it's likely i'll stick to 5MP; it also allows me to tap the screen for better focus. not to forget, screen capture/print screen ability by default!

what's not to like? well, i'm a take-note type of person, so i was dismayed by the lack of scrollable memo widget which i was so accustomed to on LG. having a bigger screen also doesn't guarantee more 'space' as my current theme is 4columns by 5rows (personally customised). as the back cover isn't matte like the LG phone, fingerprints stick to it like ants to sugar. no drops, no cracks, and no scratches as i carry it in a faux suede wallet when i travel. not sure what i'll do with the 2nd SIM slot, since i can't even feed enough credit into my only one. the speaker (the offendingly loud one; not the ear one) is located at the back, so i have to cup the phone if i want to hear the audio clearly; though, i have no idea how i'll do when the alarm rings (hopefully, i'll wake up).

specs are generic (in my dictionary, that means too mediocre to care, except) with 2 processing brains, 2GB internal memory, 2 SIM slots, and 2 cameras (front/back). i don't know how pathetic is the battery life, but on standby, it should last 2 days. by tomorrow, i'd have spent 2 days with my new phone - so, good luck to me for surviving the next 2 years (at least) with the Ninetology BP2.

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