Saturday 12 May 2007

...but its spring now!

aih.. no matter how many times melc tell me to get a blog i wont budge 500pixels close to the "create blog" button. along came one night when i clicked the button finally. (its not like you would believe it was possible to accidentally click on the button, sign in to gmail, name the blog, pick a template, do a little more clicking, and then get as far as this line..) and i was reading kclee's blog an hour ago...

anyway, i was actually born at the end of spring but it being june, i get the idea of summer all the time. but then, akiko is usually spelt with autumn kanji character.. so i'm a very mixed up one? what about winter you ask? the only part i like about winter is ice-skating and snow-watching. (its too cold to play with snow for me who grew up in a warm country.) anyway, that's the only reason to name the blog as such.

getting back to my life today, i repeated the driver's license test this morning. my, wouldn't you know it? i was the first to be called by 9am! (on my first test last month i was almost the last few ones who waited until 12pm.) this time, i passed! then the sms frenzy started... i was sending sms-es *
whooshwhoosh* to a number of people who cares to reply. sorry kenji, i was sure i did send you an sms until you asked at noon. that's when the few guys teased najmi until he merajuk... i couldn't help but tease him a little too.

oh my, look at the time.. i need to go to bed, and pick up my japanese language textbook to study first thing in the morning since i have another test tomorrow.


MedicOnTheRun said...

so im a freeloader now..??
like wat the...??
oh btw.. u sure post a blog with a nice name
leaves or leaves... im still thinking..

MeLC said...

You did not tell me that you have a blog! Hmph!

あきこ said...

motr > then try reverse wolf.. you get flow. if it were to be flower, it'd be rewolf in reverse. language is a wonderful thing.

melc > hey, i myself did not know about the blog! lol. anyway, now you know~ better late than never, the saying goes.

Jasmine みのり said...

Hi...i got my blog...go and see and u will be amazed by my beginner's skill...

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