Sunday 13 May 2007

luck still runs in me...

although it's a new day since it's now past midnight, but let's just take it that it's still 12 may? i had less than five hours of sleep before i got out of bed today. my mind was in a mess mess, so i did not study for my japanese test as i had much as planned, but studied while having lunch instead. naturally, i aced my japanese language test! may i add, with luck. minori and i wore black-and-white combination for the class photo. according to icls, the language school, im have now graduated from I2 or intermediate II level. thank you so much, kobayashi-sensei!

today is supposedly the 10th day before college but since its no longer a "day" i now have 9 days left to college. let's play with numbers for a while. by tonight, i have 10 gashapon figurines sharing one glass cabinet with my stack of manga magazines and a couple of harry potter novels. also, i have a zillion items to put away from my table.

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