Thursday 17 May 2007

today has to be wednesday!

i suppose it happens. when you lose track of time. i definitely knew today was the seventeenth but i still thought it was wednesday. today onwards, i shall not blog after midnight. (no, it did not confuse me..) i have an explanation but who would believe it? it'd probably pass off as an excuse...

anyway, i went bowling with kenji on both monday and yesterday; i was doing some reading on most of tuesday (najmi had stopped by for a late night chat). when i spoke to stepadoo this morning, then she woke me up. she reminded me that it's a thursday today and hope that i would recover soon. right.. my explanation is that, having not done anything productive on tuesday, my mind unconsciously was "away" for a day. the only reason i got the date right is that i have a paper blog to keep me straight. (i skipped one tuesday's entry in the paper blog too.) well, there you have it.

najmi, if you do call me tomorrow, its only a thursday okay. XP

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