Saturday 19 May 2007

i cannot help to sigh...

i have always wanted to seek comfort from the very cliche "its so unfair!!!" but *sigh* it wouldn't change a thing to repeatedly chant it. btw, msn messenger is trying to irritate me by not allowing my to sign in tonight.. *whacks imaginary comp with harisen*

anyway, something irrelevant to report.. the other night when i was talking to najmi was the second last time i ever hear from anyone from the driving school. today would be the last i hear of the driving school (i hope) since i'm already in possession of my probationary license to drive. *sigh*

why all the sighing? if i don't say "its so unfair!" i have another line on my mind that would do just fine, "this is so disappointing." for one, i can tell when i'm going to start a new chapter in my life as if i were reading my life from a novel. for another, when i feel my spirit dwindling down the spiral, that is always when a new chapter would begin.

it is only logic that with three days left to college, a new chapter is bound to write itself. but will i have to see the current chapter end with a low note, as have always? will i wake up to a new chapter already tomorrow? (well, depends. see if melc poison me with extra icing intake or not on the next morning.)

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MeLC said...

Oei! Since when extra icing can become a poison?? Besides, there was no icing to poison you today. =P

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