Tuesday 22 May 2007

BIG review!!!

sunday... if it hadn't been for melc again, we'd probably never got to what we did together for the first time at my place.. no, it wasn't anything scandalous! well, just a little gossiping before lunchtime isn't a crime. we started to get all the ingredients of the recipe that she brought to make Vanilla Cuppacakes, which i'd like to call them Spotted Vanilla Muffin (because i keep on accidentally calling it muffins until melc slipped her tongue once).

Vanilla Cuppacakes
1/2 tbsp soda
1 cup butter
1 cup milk
2 tbsp vanilla essence
2 cups sugar
4 cups all-purpose fine flour
4 eggs

-the instructions (you *might* find it in melc's xanga if i dont post it by tomorrow with photos)-

we took some photos while we were waiting for the third batch to bake and then,
kenji popped up for the tasting and to join us for a movie (Take The Lead, starring Antonia Banderas!) at my place, too. melc took home half the cupcakes, which we managed to make 10 less than the three dozen serving suggestion.. but a note of warning: do not attempt to bake it without -my- instructions unless you are a certified sweet tooth.

my verdict: yummy! thank goodness i did not allow myself to pour more than one cup of sugar as the one-cup-of-sugar outcome was sweet enough.
melc, although newly introduced to the mixer, had learnt a new skill: baking. (well, that's because she doesn't have an oven to practice baking.)

monday... darn! everyone is falling sick or something close. in last 24 hours i have received news that 6 persons were not feeling well namely, ysmokona, melc, kenji, stepadoo, kclee and yours truly. ysmokona was down with a fever when i last read her xanga on saturday night. melc had slight headache after she left home after our baking session. kenji had fever on sunday night. stepadoo caught the (monthly) flu (that she almost never manage to avoid). kclee had tummy ache, i guess from indigestion, on monday. as for me, i had a terrible headache at the beginning of sunday. it worsened after the baking session as my head felt like it was really about to split into two, and i was feeling the chills and warm-ish! (clear signs of fever, but i'm stronger to fight it off with tons of sleeping hours on monday.)

my verdict: you guys, GET WELL SOON!!!

today... it was the beginning of my orientation WEEK (they want us until sunday) at college, and both stepadoo and i managed to get around without looking too vain trying not to look like a freshie. (i had actually put on light pressed powder and lipgloss! and tied a neat high ponytail.) actually, i read Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Sweet 16 #16 recently and saw how they tried to fit in a new environment (also college). except that i did not drive into campus; instead, i took the Putra LRT and walked a bit further after we got down at.. the stop. (well, it couldn't have stopped in the campus even if it wanted to.)

anyway, i had chicken rice for lunch in the canteen and then proceeded to enter the great big hall (which at press time, i hove no idea what's it called). we received a goodie bag and a nice leaf ring notebook (my cover was gold; one other i noticed was red.. i wonder what other colours there were). around 3pm, i was separated from
stepadoo as i was ushered to the lecture hall with other media studies students, about 30 of us. i met a handful of our seniors and it was also i who intoduced myself the longest. the nice thing was, although everyone embraced silence, i found there's a cosplayer from CF forum! im with TCC, but still.. i see a future ahead of us~

my verdict: i know college means study, can't friends mean cosplay? (just ONE please?) well, college is nice and all, except that i don't know to refer to it as "the college" or CC, Charcoal College. (don't blame Me. everyone tease me about the college that way.) or, you could think that i am actually lieing about college and i've just been hired to work in a cc, cyber cafe, and my entries today onwards are fiction. it's as good as it gets.

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It's 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence la. Don't give the wrong ingredients to ppl! =P

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