Saturday 26 May 2007

destination: photoshoot pt2!

well, actually there wasn't an official part 1 but this is really the second shoot for my gashapon figurines. the first one saw the line up of tsuruya, mikuru and nagato of suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu (SHNY) but i never had the photos uploaded or even edited. so, now that i have GSD gashapon collection, i decided to round them up for "part 2"!

the SOS-dan line up! a note to SHNY collectors: is there anyone wanting/willing to trade their haruhi (standard or non-standard) for a standard mikuru? (i meant the Bandai PVC gashapon.) from left: mikuru (non-standard), tsuruya (standard), nagato (non-standard). i have explained about them in, read "monitors... figures..." for reference. i only wanted haruhi.. Haruhi~~~!!! *total obsession for seifuku*

MIKURU~ help wanted. she will stay trapped in there until somebody pay (trade) me the ransom: HARUHI~! the above is a standard mikuru, so i don't mind if you trade me a standard haruhi (i absolutely don't mind the ponytail version haruhi though).

above is the group from GSD, minus lacus clyne because of two reasons. one, there were no more standing space. two, i actually forgotten to put her into the picture (literally) since she hadn't a partner to stand with. from far left, meer campbell, athrun, gilbert gwendal, taelia gladys, sting oakley and stella.

now this is lacus clyne. the only reason to start GSD collection... well, perhaps the second reason? the other reason would be meer and athrun, coz they both look so good standing next to each other! have a look:
all photographs were taken by yours truly, akiko, in wolf's studio (that's me, you half-wit). please do not steal the images! what in the world did "permission" came into existence for anyway?

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