Saturday 26 May 2007

Solemn Days

Your presence has always
Never made me feel this way
I admit, I may have had
But not with you around.

With my eyes of bereft
That you aroused, today,
Is unlike any other times
Which never fail for smiles.

As I lay my eyes on you
I felt my heart wilt,
Shadowed by darkness
Encased in heartfelt ache.

Perhaps it was all due to
The shower of disappointment,
Perhaps my spirit was burning
And turning into mere ash.

The tears that froze my face;
The blood the froze in my veins;
The thoughts stopped my track
As your presence comes around.

this is a poem i wrote two years ago but just submitted it to a publishing house tonight to be compiled into a book with another two hundred-something poems by people around the world. (many have discontinued their persistence to advise me against doing so coz i dont get paid.) that may not be how i felt today, coz i definitely remember enjoying myself.

i made lunch of salad pasta or pasta salad at melc's place before we went to times square to have derek join us. he ate our medium-large sample for lunch there while a small sample was refrigerated for kenji. since we stopped by sungei wang plaza as well, i found a lot of places that will supply my gashapon fetish (as how derek had said)? i saw several of them that were supposed to be out of circulation between six to last month ago ie. mai hime-z figurines and school rumble chibi chara(cter/s) keychains. melc had to tell how i could stare at one of those vending machines for an hour without getting bored, and *snap* goes derek's hp cam while i was staring at a wall of gashapon line-ups. plus, he nearly choked me to cough up blood for *complimenting* him, in borders while i was checking out the manga section. (each manga on 15% discount with at least two purchases in a single receipt.)

anyway, i noticed how unfair those clothes boutiques were. (so what if it has been like that for ever? i'm speaking.) a fancy heavily-belted (for deco purposes) three-piece for men costs RM128, while a simple black (with white lace and half apron) gothloli dress costs RM488! now, how different is that?! btw, if i could be seen in anime form, i'd probably have starry eyes while i was in that shop coz i saw a somebody with typical visual-kei j-rocker hairdo (for no reason). all of a sudden, *crack* went my right sandal. it broke into two right after i was staring at a bakery (which later, i treated myself a chocolate waffle).

im broke but i still want to buy more gashapons. im having sore throat but i still eat chocolate and take cold drinks. i need another break.


MedicOnTheRun said...

so mine is extra small serving thanks to bladewing taking the extra large one???
why,.,... oh well....

Jasmine みのり said...

tres blanc is anime...all seiyuus is members in saiyuki and weiss 8 main chracter...

MeLC said...

Medi, yours was extra small cause Akiko told me that you were only going to sample it.

Akiko, I was only telling the truth about how you could stare at the gashapons for an hour without getting bored! The readers have every right to know the truth. XD

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