Thursday 7 June 2007

birthday week!

my 18th birthday has been special---uhh, special like every other year coz i only celebrate my 18th birthday once.. just like every other birthday. (somebody please tell me how to make my birthday sound special?)

last thursday... its time for another flight to take flight. (that was so lame.) mum called for an airport limo to pick us up to KLIA in the morning and shortly after leaving home, she realised that her hp wasn't in sight. it sent dad and mizuiro on a wild goose chase but then, i heard her hp vibrating inside her sling bag as it happened to be on silent mode. (yes, amazing isn't it? i can hear the vibration; its the truth.)

once we arrived at langkawi, the resort had a cab arranged to pick us from the airport and also a half-day tour. so off we went to the bird park,
air hangat village, mahsuri's memorial, perdana gallery and eagle square (in no particular order). since there were two digicams around, mum was the shutterbug while i had one to camwhore. XD

by midnight, my hp was buzzing for the next hour. kclee, yazid, and tharani sent me birthday wishes by sms; then,
tharani called and so did kenji. only the latter called to not wish me happy birthday. o-kay.

friday... my birthday! if you spent the day with me, you'd never have guessed so. (except for melc's sms wishing me happy birthday.) yesterday's "today's cocktail" at the resort was purple rain but i did not drink it.. however, i woke up with a headache---must have been true about told not having enough sleep. >_< betul.

saturday... since a vacation means holiday means taking the day off means a time to relax, i spent the day lying around soaking up the sun and air-cond (in the room that i share with mizuiro). i can't believe one day i would allow the sun to touch my skin let alone get myself tanned. by the end of the day (after all that lazing around, eating, swimming and watching tv), i totally forgotten about my plan to call GBD who i was told was at langkawi too (but working). by night, i was supposed to be packing up but i continued to soak up some cartoons on disney channel... yay, totally spies! XD

sunday... *fwuuu* went the plane towards KLIA-LCCT at noon. by the time i got home around 3pm, i started packing for the cosplay photoshoot melc informed which was to be held at kenji's place with several others. i haven't had my lunch yet; so i thought i could have a sort of high-tea of sushi n cupcakes. however, we proceeded to the 'restricted' photoshoot (due to the limited space to move about as it was raining) with tsing yie as the photographer for kenji and melc the random pirates; luluchiaki the edward elric; and me the eclair (kiddy grade).

after we started on the yummies (but the cupcakes turned 'cupzzas' coz the stale cupcakes tasted like pizzas with
kenji's mum's pasta sauce... sorry melc, you taught me that the readers have the right to know the truth, lol~) i was wondering what's the dessert they were talking about.. suddenly, the lights went out and candles lighted up the place---it was a birthday cake! thanks you all~ i'll never forget this birthday. i didn't suspect it was a strawberry ice-cream cake until i stabbed the cake with a plastic knife.

i didn't even suspect it was a surprise party.
melc is becoming such a good cover-upper. (she called it a party several times while we were on the phone but i put away the idea of coming up with an idea since she covered it up so well.) or perhaps i was so hungry i was only looking forward to eating the yummies. XD but thanks lots to everyone who made my birthday so special! the photos will be up some time later once they get around. ^__^


MeLC said...

Some of the photos of the photoshoot can be copied from my blog. Can I take back what I said about the readers have the right to know the truth? XD

[+]. darkblade said...

HAHhaha... pity I couldn't be there. I had 'other' things on. My apologies, but I *did* wish u, rite? XD

MedicOnTheRun said...

yeah man.. u totally shoulda been there..
i mean like wth man why in the world wouldnt u be there when everyone called and told u to?
hahha jkjk its cool man.. u most likely got ur reasons to..

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