Friday 15 June 2007

pix galore!

seeing melc had uploaded tons of photos, i shall do no less, ne~ alright, i'll spare the slow users (including yours truly) and upload only a handful of them instead... here are some pictures taken at langkawi not too long a ago:

me posing with a flock of flamingoes at the bird park... i read that they turn pink coz tiny prawns get stuck on the feather when the flamingo goes for a dip in the water, no?

look at me in the cable car that is taking me all the way at least 1000m above sea level.. or maybe not.

a random shot at the air hangat village.. ^___^ this is what happens when i'm getting a camera to myself at a neat-looking place..

do you see what i see? mizuiro..?

an evening at the eagle square.. this is champagne sunset.. (i'm simply giving labels)

the beautiful sky hues as the sun sets.. taken from the resort beach front. (yes, within one evening.)

these are some photographs taken by tsing yie using lulu's digicam on the sunday that we had a cosplay/party at kenji's (followed by a late night movie at mine with melc n kenji):

ick... this is what you guys did to the cake before i ate it? XD

corrupting melc to whack the cameraman---err, cameragirl~

the weapon-wielding posers~! call us for assassination at 1-300-GO-DIE! (no offence..)


MeLC said...

Whoa! Nice sunset pics!!! 0_0

MedicOnTheRun said...

oi.. flamingoes are pink because u taking their photo la:P
(they're pink because the shrimp they eat are pink causing pink pigmentation on their skin...)
love the sunset photos..

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