Tuesday 19 June 2007

dame dame nodame...

nodame! i'm beginning to follow a little of her habits.. and the past two days, i committed one. since i get home so late lately, i had to skip washing my hair or else i'd sleep with wet hair (baaad). today i had a long shower and had my hair washed. minus the presence of chiaki...

oh yes. why was i late? yesterday, the ELS first meeting (of the semester) ends at 8pm, but i got home at 10pm.. =_= i had early dinner of mixed rice in the canteen and a chocolate doughnut (refreshment at the meeting). on the way home, i had A&W nuggets and root beer float (supper you may say). if i wanted to, i wouldn't even bother to bathe last night (another nodame habit) since i really needed the sleep. but hygiene is hygiene. my face needs that scrub.

btw, somehow my eyes have opened to new views.. whenever without the camera (for the past week now) i see so many frames of scenes and sceneries i want to capture and regret not having one with me everyday. so yeah, i really missed all those shots coz i was thinking that when i do carry the camera there won't be any picturesque frames, and when i don't it would be otherwise. should i carry one tomorrow? (i wish i had night photographs from and in the campus.. KLCC looked so majestic while the campus looked three aesthetic level up!)

today, i got home at 8.30pm but lecture ended at 6pm. stepadoo and i took the public bus to the putra lrt station, but not without unwanted time-wasting. first, we had to wait half an hour to get the bus. then, we had to waste another half hour coz the bus took us on a joyride and made a big round before coming back to the college to pick up more students who are going to the station! after that only we began our journey to the starting point of our trip home (the train).

my menu today: cupcakes (breakfast), chocolate-filling waffle and ayamas drumstick (lunch), keropok lekor (tea snack), various fried with rice (dinner). i wonder if i left out anything. envy yet? i eat so much but i dont gain that much weight. i am underweight in the first place anyway. melc, this is the menu i suggest you have every day until the 24th of june! we're both suitable for the diet cough *underweight* cough and you are gonna miss the scrumptious malaysian food when you are overseas. mmm, i wonder what's for supper tonight? btw, there's rice wine in the brewing/fermenting process right here in my home now. it'll take a week before its done...


MeLC said...

I still can't read the last sentence!!!

あきこ said...

better already... hope for your next reply from afar~!

MedicOnTheRun said...

someone's definitely gonna be wonting to come over my place these few days..
since i've been going out lately i started the habit of cooking for my family..
and the food i cook u ask?
teriyaki fish.. mash taters..
chicken with taters..
salads..eggys in a basket..
u name it i've more or less cooked something to fit that description :P
so if one of these days im free and u dun know what to eat.. u can feel free to bug me for dinner hahhaha
i'll be the take home chef :P
(ps: this chef is still personally considering him self an in training chef even though ppl do ask him to cook for them.. therefore eat at ur own risk hahhahaa.. track record: 16 meals, stomachache incidents:1, bad tasting food incidents: 4 )

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