Wednesday 27 June 2007

the longest week...

aahhh...!! its been such a long continously straining week, last week. particularly the weekend. the college talentime nite committee seem to have brought in local artistes to promote their event. (talentime/TT nite is arranged for freshies every year.) a karen kong (who they proudly announced that she was a winner of the TT nite a few years back) and a serene (who will be guest star on TT nite) came last wednesday and thursday respectively to promote their albums. i have one ticket to watch TT nite, and could be getting one more if anyone wants to accompany me on the 1st july.

coming 15th july is the orientation odyssey/OO nite, and yesterday the OO committe brought in vick, the second runner-up in the first season of malaysian idol who was obviously here to promote his album as well. i'll be redeeming one ticket for this event, and a second ticket if someone shall want to be watching the pageant too.

saturday... speaking of promotion, i shall promote an upcoming anime event at taylor's uni college this coming saturday, 30th june. minori and i attended a pre-meeting at taylor's for the anime fest 2007 which i wouldn't say would kill you if you plan to participate in any contests but did not attend. the thing is, (i don't know to say its good or bad but) when i walked into the multi-purpose hall/MPH, i realised that the stage was just too spacious for the individual cosplay.. which means i may pull out from the cosplay contest afterall. plus, there were no more than seven cosplayers registered for the competition anyway.

the most draining day of the week! not only i had been fast asleep the moment my head touches the pillow every weekday, it extended to the weekend also! i slept late last night to make final arrangements with melc and kenji about sunday. so first things first, mum dropped kenji and i at melc's place around 10am. when we arrived some of melc's relatives were there too. i received a gold fountain pen while melc a black fountain pen from kenji. it had our names engraved on the cap and on the body too! i managed to finish and gave melc a personalised rhinestone- and metal-studded beret coz it would be Totally uncomfortable to wear a hand-studded t-shirt as i have one myself. i pray it got past the metal detector or whatever else the customs counter have nowadays.

that reminds me, i had an SMS chat with melc about it three months ago (melc asked if i wanted to have anything from her nail polish collection):

me: no way! dun tell me u r not taking the nail polishes? if i took them, i'd cry my eyes out evry time i use one. so pls gv me one :')
melc: lol! i'm not allowed to bring them along to the states. the custom officer will take it away.
me: oh man.. but its less than 100ml..
melc: yea, but they tightened the security already after the september eleven attack. =(
me: those damned terrorists.. now u cant take a sample sweat of ur crush, ur fav toothpaste, quality vaseline or lipbalm. lets hope its not underwear next.
melc: LOL! headlines: Red Underwear Smugglers Been Caught!
me: rofl.. u break my heart mel. i tot u were goodie 2 shoes.
melc: lol! i never said i was the smuggler. i don't have a red underwear. XD

melc, i hope you dont mind me posting the exact SMS we exchanged that day.. i kept a lot of SMSes in my phone that i often get "no space for new messages".. make that everyday of late. anyway, where did i stop? oh yes. we all left the house in two cars since there were six humongous luggages melc and alvin had packed. melc, kenji and i sat in one with her parents while another was filled with the other half of her family who was going to KLIA. of the two who brought a camera each to capture the moment, kenji was the one more rajin than i. >_<

at one o'clock, we were scruntinising the photos of me in langkawi (since they weren't deleted off the memory). by two o'clock, melc already boarded her flight with alvin. she was headed to taiwan for the connection flight straight to san francisco. around 8pm, i sent her an SMS but no reply.. (melc, i thought five hours later you would have arrived at taiwan?)

the insane thing was, i didn't go home after sending melc off. neither did kenji. melc's parents kindly dropped us at the nearest LRT station and off we went. we split at i-forgot-what-station as he has several more meetings for the day while i headed to my advertising group's apartment near campus to discuss our assignment. tired!!! by the end of the day, i couldn't think of anything worse than having to wake up more or less than six hours later for monday.

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MeLC said...

I did receive your sms in Taiwan but I couldn't reply. It's either cause there was no line or that my credit had gone to RM0.20. XD

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