Saturday 30 June 2007

make or break..

im broken. i mean, i dint make it.. so it broke me la! what am i talking about? i am up this late to share a sucky vid with almost TEN embarrassing seconds of me on youtube. i want to "flag as inappropriate" but melc looked so good in it i couldn't have a more selfish wish. its at

my review:
i was not in there. i was not in there. i was not in there. okay, fine. kenji spent too much time hogging the limelight not that i want anymore than the ten seconds, melc was commented "so kayu la..", hiyori didn't get enough time to pick out her bad, GBD had nothing to worry about under the cape, derek was plain himself behind the camera.

please ignore the unidentified sailor uniform girl laughing at the girl who got shot. she looks like a sicko to me. theres no reason to live if i were she. not me. not me. not me. goodnight and never see you agan.

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