Sunday 1 July 2007

Taylor's Anime Festival 2007!

photo gallery:

the lucky star opening act by the anime club members~

wonders made the event happen but it was the taylor's anime club that pulled it together! on 30th june 2007, the uncommonly dubbed AF 07 by yours truly, opened doors around 10am, but i'd never know coz i arrived at 10.30am with minori and stepadoo. i went around taking photos in supposedly-mizuiro's gray pantsuit before i changed into my eclair costume that afternoon. although i don't have my props for eclair anymore (which i pray will miraculously appear somewhere) at least i have the M5-2F handgun from minori. btw, neither minori nor i know the model of the BB gun but a random guy in red told me so and everyone who handled the gun commented that it was heavier than their own or others and asked the same question: where did you get it?

random mission: eclair versus minori!

cosplaying once again after a while (since GACC 07) brings back memories. requested for photos, being in front of cameras.. and seeing unkind shutterbugs in action. let's not allow the tiny fraction of unethicals spoil the rest. the security should keep their eyes peeled and not just stand at the exit. everyone i met got along well and i loved meeting new friends most of all! although i don't know all their names but i enjoyed talking to fellow forumers, new cosplayers and photographers. i shall be seeing them at CF 07, hopefully.

meet my new friends: misa misa and KP!

suddenly, one corner of the hall (near the entrance/exit actually) was packed with people.. obviously an attractive cosplayer has arrived (and did not manage to get further in the hall) so i went for peek and saw the jigoku shoujo pair namely, enma ai and hone-onna. i took it as my cue to get out of eclair and into my next character.

from left: fruits basket costumer, sachiko ogasawara, enma ai, haruhi suzumiya cosplayers

minori blasted through her infinite love and came close to winning if not for the more powerful songstress who sang endless story. or was it endless love? anyway, stepadoo and i lent a helping hand or two as minori got into her yukata for the first time. on the way out to grab lunch (in fact it was 5pm) i stopped GBD to capture a photo of minori knowing well that he'd take a better picture of her than i could. then, guess where we ate? at mcd's.. there was already a group of cosplayers (half of them my college mates, though not taylor's) there so it wasn't too akward for stepadoo or minori. im totally fine with the attention. ^__^

minori tries her hand at being "poster girl"

well, what do i know? the day has to come to an end and people were leaving by 6pm to avoid the traffic jam which in my opinion doesn't help coz the jam would still happen. i hung around to take a last look at the hall, take group photos of and for the staff, and went home with a pair of occupied arms. why? one hand was holding the change of clothes and door gift; the other was holding a new keyboard. how? i answered a random question at the end of the event and got it right.. then *pop* "here you go," said the emcee. i could only stare in surprise.


MeLC said...

I miss going to cosplay events with you!!! =(

gukichan/连小凤 said...

ack..gukichan here..=D have you posted your link to the cosplay photo section at CF forums? X3

nice ones you have heh

あきこ said...

melc> so do i! plus no more outings for the next few years with you~ :(

guki chan> thankx! nope, i did not post them at CF coz i did not sign up for an account. i do realise there is a scarce amount of photos available for AF 07?

Unknown said...

nyahh!! I look fat thr T^T
hehe :3
I link u edi :D

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