Tuesday 10 July 2007

cosplay projects...

there was a blood donation drive at college today (and tomorrow). yeah, its not cosplay; wait. i was passing by the hall where i can see people hanging around, getting in, and those leaving looked drained. patience. see, i wanted to stop by to ask if they would mind puncturing my finger to test my blood type. i was walking alone. i had a distance to get to the library. i wanted to know my blood type. but i had a feeling i can't take it.

so leave i did, and did not find out my blood type. if i knew my blood type, would it have encouraged me to cosplay (hah! now you're talking..) more characters of the same blood type? well, i won't know until i test my blood, right? stepadoo said it hurts one tiny second and you wouldn't know what hit you the next, but i still doubt the prick. anyway, yesterday i was watching the view from inside as the LRT made its way to the station closest to campus. and one station struck my mind real loud:

the station look exactly 98.76% like the actual setting in midori no hibi ED (minus the vending machine). plus, i liked the ending of the manga as it reminded me of who else? me when midori received the diary from seiji. i have six 'volumes' of diary now. thus, another character has popped on my...

cosplay project list:

- amane misa / death note (this time with blonde wig and according to the cover version. and, the manga and raito won my heart hands down!)

- chii / chobits (I LOVE CLAMP! once i get my hands on that foam material and bedone with the 'persocom ears' the platinum blonde wig will come along)

- ryomou shimei / ikki tousen (i was looking for a character in meido outfit coz i had a thing for meido, after seifuku)

- midori & seiji / midori no hibi (a collaboration with mizuiro coz i wanted to crossplay and get short wigs - hoping short ones are more affordable compared to the other lengths. oh, and both in uniform and full body form.)

- lenalee / d. gray man (i totally want that black-white uniform! no, actually it's coz i already have long socks and hair - no wig!)

- nemu kurotsuchi / bleach (i wanted a character whose outfit has a touch of japanese - its a plus point that her personality is reserved)

- yukari "caroline" / paradise kiss (need i say more? fine. I LOVE PARAKISS. I LIVE YUKARI'S LIFE.)

- kougaiji / saiyuki reload (this was on a crazy split second thought - i wanted to try out extreme chest binding, with exposure. plus i wanted to be the guy going after sanzo! sephiroth is too cool for me.)

- saki hanajima / fruits basket (i love the manga and i get to wear black nails as hana!)


MedicOnTheRun said...

u'll kill all the fan girls...
sweatz.. u wont be looking like midori anytime soon i believe??

あきこ said...

right.. akiko is a male who is planning to crossplay as midori? im targetting seiji here..

i want to keep kougaiji as my reserve character as i have been wrongly mistaken a mixed parentage child before. (what can i do? i was on vacation right before that cosplay.) so if i need a dark chara, kou will come to rescue~ (fact: yaone is unFLATterring on me)

MedicOnTheRun said...

tahts so gonna kill all the genso fans...
or the other way round lolz...

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