Sunday 8 July 2007

happy birthday, MeLC!

i have no other words to say than to wish a very happy eighteenth birthday to you melc! i hope you like this little gift from me (if you must, count the beret in)... i do wish i could get byakuya to put his hand on your shoulder but we wouldn't want to invite two wrong ideas, right? one, that he's a little naughty. or two, making other female fans of him green with envy! (i am already.) XD oh, and credit goes to for the guest star~

melc gets a photo opportunity with captain byakuya! (click for LARGER image)

enjoy~! ^__^


[+]. darkblade said...

HahAHhaha too bad she wasn't around when I cosplayed as Byakuya then. XD oh wells... lol! Seems I've got a fan in Singapore who keeps begging me to cosplay as Byakuya and come down to Singapore. Plus... I kinda owe her ice cream for a bet, saying that I wouldn't win the competition.

Well, yeah... so I won the competition and owe her an ice cream. LOL! Imagine Byakuya on a date having ice cream with a girl. hAHhAhhaah I'll bet Mel would freak out, wouldn't she?


MedicOnTheRun said...

happy belated birthday melc!!
sowwie.. been a bit late..
oops.. crap aint this the wrong blog??
ah whatever.. this would prove she reads ur blog eh mon?

kilmenyanne said...

cheers, i'm now at I seem to embrace the boring and truly journalistic view now :P

MeLC said...

darkblade>I'll freak out if Byakuya is on a date with a girl but reality check here. Byakuya. Not you cosplaying as Byakuya.


あきこ said...

melc> what about we change motr to motb? "medic on the blur" XP

dblade> if im not wrong she was around when u were cossing as byakuya, only you guys kenal each other 0%..

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