Friday 17 August 2007

spring roll becoming random..

i no longer upload a new poll question week after week coz now, the only published posts are when i managed to stay on blogger long enough for even a short one up. ah~ busy busy! what have i been up to? hmm, certainly i seem to be inactive on the blog. could it be more laziness than business? XD for all you know, i was---

well, was i dating some guys? (somehow that word gives me the goosebumps when i reread it.) goodie-two-shoes studying? bad girl gone truant and clubbing? (oh, *shiver* i feel a breeze of cold air around me suddenly.)

nah, you vote the poll first. oh, and also, forget about the sleuth writing style poll coz there was only one vote, and i don't know who was it. no, i won't ask who vote what. i now suspect two person of the previous single vote. hmm...


MedicOnTheRun said...

u'll never guess who voted it..

あきこ said...

aha, so it was you! hmm.. was it? i wonder if i did fish the correct suspect out.

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