Monday 27 August 2007

model me!

how interesting---my second chance to step into yukari/caroline's (paradise kiss) shoes! almost literally too.. i am expected to step into a five-inch heels, walk in it and not topple over like miss campbell on the legendary 21-inch heels!

okay, rewind. weeks ago, the fashion design students started to look for people, namely students who studies in the same college, to model their design. a coursemate of mine has a sister in fashion design who was looking for a model, so she recommended me. however i didn't make the cut because.. err, height was not the only thing she was looking for.

now i don't have to curse my measurements (no, i did not in the first place) as that's how i got my second chance. a model (my other coursemate) could not fit in jacklyn's design right after she (almost) finished the piece so she looked for me today. and my cellphone was dead! phew, what a close call. (pun not intended.) she found me in the canteen during lunch and connected me to jacklyn. i finished my lunch and went to try her design and it was a fit! (pun not intended.)

gotta go get a pair of black stockings and black nails done. i haven't had so much to do since my last assignment!


MedicOnTheRun said...

its full of puns.. yet pun not intended..
oh well good luck modelling

MeLC said...

Congrats on your dream come true. =)

あきこ said...

thanks! i had fun modeling for jacklyn. if she hadnt given me a chance, i probably wouldnt appear on anyone's design portfolio anytime soon! (*hopefully*)

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