Monday 3 September 2007

Confessions of a College Girl.. I

Poll: What have I been up to since i last blogged something proper this month?

Been dating half a dozen hot guys. 2 votes (28%)
hah! you couldnt be more wrong than that, you cant! me - dating? perhaps. but half a dozen hot guys in a month's time? dream on. but of course, it also depends on how you count what is a date (and who's hot). according to this article [clovetwo] a date is a date, even if you youngsters today call it hang out with a friend (of the opposite sex).

Been eating and gained a few kilograms. 3 (42%)
very true, if you ticked this right. i cannot control my appetite and did gain a little weight since i enrolled into first semester. how can i help it? im not to leave home without breakfast, i have some food packed away to college, there are two canteens and one cafetaria in campus, i pass by masjid jamek lrt station almost everyday (hot currypuff, banana fritters, keropok lekor, mcd apple pie, burger king mozarella cheese) and not to forget, dinner by the time i get home.

Been busy at classes and studying. 5 (71%)
thank you! thank you! dear world, i cannot deny the truth. even a coursemate commented, "why are you so hardworking? you take notes at every lecture." if you cant believe it, (to the two who did not vote this) please dont ask for my mid-term exam results. XD anyway, half the time when i was online, i was busy working on my assignments.

Been playing truant, going for movies and getting gashapons. 4 (57%)
oh, no, i have not! four votes? *halo* yes, i went for a couple of movies. yes, i grabbed a second set of suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu gashapon. but not the truant part. the same person who commented the aforementioned also said, "why do you attend every class? you've never skipped any. you could take the final week off if you want."

Been reading blogs, watching anime, and napping. 3 (42%)
mm hm. *nod* this one is correct, but why only three pathetic votes? ah well, im not known to read blogs, but i did. XP i was also watching anime (Air Gear, Code Geass, Ginban Kaleidoscope - end, Hayate no Gotoku, Innocent Venus - end, Nodame Cantabile - end) and napped a lot (commuting daily to and from college sure is tiring). thus, when im online, these are only some of the distractions.

Been addicted to clubbing and a little drug abuse. 2 (28%)
how false! do you know im part otaku? *drops down to her knees and forehead on the ground, and begs for forgiveness* im not socialable up to that level, that i wouldn't even think of thinking to dream of entering a club. dont even mention drug. the only drug i ever take is when im sick and prescribed by the doctor.

Been blogging but did not publish them online. 1 (14%)
justly true. i have two long ones before and after the two mini blog posts (my EQ score; teh kitteh jar). but i couldnt finish the posts quick enough before the distractions caught up, or i had to scoot off for class. D:

Votes so far: 7

Miss me all those weeks?

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