Sunday 18 November 2007

death note: amane misa

referring to a death note poster hidden in my cupboard, i decided to cosplay a proper misa. i sew the red ribbon last sunday; leaving the (collar, sleeves, shirt) edges to cover with white lace! <3>this was supposed to be up five days ago, but i was too bugged by a dance assignment i did not have the time to post this.


MeLC said...


kilmenyanne said...

created new google account. got short term memory loss (read: forgot password)beacuse of deluge of assignments and subsequent late nites. Comment: Wow! How did you create the blurry dlurry effect? Very original and um, sex kitten style... hehe, i haven't read death note so i'm using layman terms here

あきこ said...

melc> no, i dint cut it recently. if you look at the post about me getting a neat, short bob last month (i think it still visible at the bottom of the blog if this is the topmost entry) you should understand it'll grow out!

otherwise, its another clever disguise. (T__T i have yet to buy a wig!)

no lah! refer to the original DN poster, she has her hair styled punky. but i failed to make my hair "punky." teh fail.

kilmenyanne> i hope you pick up your memory bytes - dont want you relive "50 first dates" at the rate you're going.

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