Tuesday 20 November 2007

spring roll..!

people, do know that ive very reluctantly created the Friend Test - Who Knows Me Best. i felt very depressed when i answered my friends' quizes and dint get a "pass" or above 50%. and since this was created in the middle of a midnight, dont take it too seriously - its really what it says: Killer.

if i were to talk more about it, im sure you're to earn a couple correct answers. so yeah, take it easy and give it a try will ya! ^__^ give a pat on your back if you managed 50% - thats probably as good as impossible!

P.S. KILLER. repeat that. K-I-L-L-E-R. yes, correct. you have only earned yourselves, at press time, two-digit (0-95) marks. out of 200. not percent. too bad. akiko teh killer. 15/200. 50/200. 100/200 anyone? 5 marks each question.


Kclee said...

i had 55% on the 2nd try, but of course they wont let me update... :x

- Lifes Good - said...

Cool! Seems like I know you best ;D sis thing? xD

あきこ said...

mizuiro> sh*t la you. cheater, it recorded two results. besides, it is a FRIENDS TEST, no?

you did NOT get 75 PERCENT. you got 75 MARKS out of 200. perasan.

kclee> let me explain again: you scored 55 MARKS out of 200.

dont be surprised, people. i did state KILLER.


- Lifes Good - said...

My gawd. Since when "Miss Goody Two Shoes" says "****"?

MedicOnTheRun said...

blah.. got 130.. not that it matters.. the test wont register...
oh well :) now its ur turn to do mine.. mwahahahahhahaa
its on my friendster if u didnt know...

あきこ said...

medic> honestly, idk your friendster.. although ive seen it once.

ah, got it.. i scored.. 80 out of 100! >__< why arent our frend tests registering our results? orz

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