Friday 14 December 2007

to-morrow and to-morrow!

no, its not a christmas poetry reading session im having. it really is about tomorrow and tomorrow. XD

right now, i have two last assignments (yay!! no more rush until next year!) to hand up today noon. after that, practice a couple hours today and then dance my feet off on saturday's dance competition. also tonight is i have to put ALL my costumes together, for dance and cosplay at CF this weekend. but, first i need to decide which and what to wear!

saturday, dance:
latin ballroom - white shirt, black vest, black jeans? (well, the jeans element isnt very obvious.. phew!)
rock 'n' roll - red print shirt, black jeans? (the print shirt has katakana all over it of all things!)
waltz ballroom - same outfit as latin, but should i wear a black suit on top?

saturday, CF 5pm onwards:
random waiter - same outfit as latin, but with half apron.. oh and, short short bleached hair. you guys call me friend had better stay at CF hall and await my arrival! XD

sunday, full-day CF:
misa amane - school uniform-ish costume, but wig got styling problem! or,
sei/rei - black seifuku.. i dont have a bamboo/wooden sword for rei.. and i like to be naughty sei, but only with yumi around. (mind you, sei and rei are two different girls.) or,
ghetto kyo kusanagi - yeah wth i know my short hair too short for him. or,
more closet chara - sigh, havent rummaged my closet for more ghettoness yet.

shoot. ive got time management problem. gotta go~


MeLC said...

I want an update on the 2 significant events and most important of all, pics!!! =P

MedicOnTheRun said...

:S sorry..
cf was full of suprises for the avid cfer
i got chased by pac man..
the known reveealed himself..
not to mention the failures that happened to me..
there was a big boobed zelda.. and i got sm things that i kinda really like :P
got mechafrog to autograph my notebook..
not that it matters to most people but oh well...
tooo bad mel wasn't here..
i bet she'd freak when she saw BD :P

MeLC said...

Why would I freak out??? What did BD cosplay as???

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