Monday 17 December 2007

mini update..

you've got mail~ i received a beautiful painstakingly hand-crafted enough credit? x'mas greeting card from melc last week~ it took the post office 4-5 days to process it from the date on the envelope.

lookie here, melc-made card! i absolutely loved it, thankx melc! inset: a peek inside.

saturday live dance~ i couldnt believe i went to bed so early and woke up early on saturday morning for my dance competition/exam. i guess i needed all the time i can get on my hands to wear my contact lense. yes, i finally bought myself some pair of contacts last sunday, when dad and mizuiro flew to perth for a visit to my uncle.

once i got dressed, the dance instructor gave me a was-that-kid-in-my-class and is-that-who-i-think-it-is look.. XD most of my dance classmates were suspicious about my hair and asked if it was real - and for first time i received question like "may i touch your hair/wig?" with large round eyes looking back. then, there was a girl who asked "hey, are you a cosplayer?" when i said yes, her friend went "wah! how did you know?" XD very excitable crowd.

lookie here, its the closest photo i could get of my dance outfit, next to yori as tenten -photo by ysmokona.

the dance event ended early around 2pm (my partner [not photographed] and i were not awarded any prize for each of the three dance category but we had fun) so i managed to go to CF day1 earlier, reached times square after 3pm. i went to the hall on sixth floor without trouble as it turned out to be the same place as was ACF'07.

CF day1, await next post!

here's a piece of suspense:

ps. i dont have a camera with me on the whole of saturday so im depending on everyone to mail me pix for dance and CF ok!


MeLC said...

Yay! You managed to recieve the card before Christmas! XD

あきこ said...

yup! and when i look at the photo on the card it felt like looking into a window to your place. lovely!

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