Friday 23 May 2008

photo dump! (image heavy)

finally, i managed to blog again. or that i was bored of getting complains that i was not updating. not that im too busy or anything (duh, i am - this month) but i'll cut short on the words and get to photos that will be much simple to devour after a month of hiatus. i'll start with..

my uber silky soft pink synthetic wig from china~

ive gotten a new pink wig in march! mum went to china for an all-girls vacation; so i asked for a souvenir - and pink it was! i was hoping all wigs came unstyled (as in, straight) but this one was curled as you can see. (my beloved pink-haired charas have long straight hair.)

earlier this month, i took out a normal human hair straightener (brand: phillips) and stayed up the whole night (told you i was busy) to straighten 80cm of curls. and it worked! but of course, let me warn you if you are to attempt to straighten (or curl) your wig.

akiko's how to straighten your synthetic wig: (i'll upload an "after" photo later okay?)
1. make sure the label reads "non-flamable" or "heat-resistant" or very similar terms. this is to ensure that the wig is able to withstand the heat.

2. make sure you switch off the device after styling several parts (naturally, you will have to part the wig into sections so that you dont get mixed-up straight and curls.) this is because no matter how low the heat setting is, the metal clamp will get HOT. if your wig is just slightly overheated, you will see a clump of tiny CURLS. (thank goodness it was only one unnoticeable part!)

3. this is not necessary, but i let my wig (and the styler) cool down before storage. give the wig a little comb (in my case, its such a silky synthetic i simply fingered through the strands) before storing in the wig net.

4. extras to note: you may have to trim the ends of the straightened wig before use because the ends may have frizzed after exposing heat; and certainly dont buy a styled wig if you want an unstyled wig.

just for fun i decided to camwhore coz i'd liketo show-off this blue too~

in april, kilmenyanne, visha and i went to cineleisure damansara to watch 27 dresses. why there? just because we are girls who have no reason to wear a dress anywhere else - actually, for every two 27 dresses tickets purchased you are entitled to one -insert brand- perfume, sample size though. but all we got was a redemption coupon for the snacks corner.

doesnt matter, coz we enjoyed our lunch at waerong penyet - an indonesian restaurant. like, every so often you will find chinese, indian, malay, thai, vietnamese, french, italian, portuguese, et cetera in malaysia.. (oh-so-mouth-watering!) but how often do you find an indonesian menu? their specialty is ayam penyet: flat(-tened) chicken, direct translation. i ordered curry chicken~ (indonesian style of course.)

dont resist; you'll just want MOAR.

the two girls with me decided to take on the specialty ayam penyet lunch set and here's a tiny review of the curry i ordered. (bird's eye) chilli, spicy, chicken, juicy, potatoes, tangy, santan-loaded; oh and did i mention potatoes make me happy? i couldnt help taking one spoonful after another until i decided i should grab my coke and run, for the movie was about to start. you have to take-away your drink. you have to. i'll save the surprise - we girls thought it was cute of them.

the girls on camWAR~

after the movie, we kindly asked a passerby to help us take this photo, which was opposite Outpost Cafe.

bad camerama-.. girl. the table did better. we placed visha's phone on the table (vacant but i think set up by Outpost for Death Note movie photoshoot the next day) and set autoshot for ten seconds (too slow), then five (too fast), then ten (better).

oh well, the table did not fare better than the passerby-girl.(seemingly kilmenyanne refuses to smile when visha and i posed better.)
passerby-girl vs. table = tie.

after taking turns to shoot two-by-two, i cant believe myself... only one shot without me in it? i remember i took more - wait, that was adjusting the phonecam on the vacant table.

kilmenyanne prefers to take good photos of pretty things. except make my legs fatter.

she smiles for visha! hmph.

back to basic camwhore before we head home - in the rain!

(photos courtesy of kilmenyanne and visha's camphones, photography by me and the other two. XD)

okay, guess what's next? i mean, whom? he's eighteen, singer, composer, and rapper (all self-acclaimed) and he was in malaysia on 11-12 april: sean kingston. what does he have to do with me anyway? i never bothered to buy tickets to concerts (well, i did - but i never bought any)..

during his beutiful girls: world tour 2008, his 'live in KL' concert on 11april was held in zouk kl, while 12april in coco banana, sunway pyramid. see the similarities? both venues are (dance) clubs - no biggie. except that i've never stepped into one - let alone attend a concert. first of firsts.

i got hold of two concert tickets for 12april (won in sms contest) and then it became a biggie. i was only five days away from the concert when i was notified of my so-called prize. made an impromtu mental invite list (for me and one other):

kilmenyanne anti-sean k.
minori as enthusiastic as kilmenyanne to see overweight people perform.
mizuiro going away for weekend camp.
minaj somehow never make it to our arrangements.
kclee i got the idea clubs may get a little warm for this guy..
motr somehow dont like concerts that i wont give a second thought to go.
ywsmokona ... chotto matte!

then i thought, why not ask someone who i dont kenal well enough to make pre-judgement (as you can see above) to the concert? i dont see why not? (okay, other than s/he may rob/rape/murder me.) hang out with my new friend it was the decision - get to know each other better and face the music for the weekend.. not in punishment sense, mind you!

come saturday night, mum dropped me off at coco banana entrance. i went to the ticket redemption counter slightly early so i waited half an hour until 7.10pm to redeem. just then, *flash* i saw someone stand next to me. i was dazed for why this stranger is smiling at me so i kinda glared at him? he stepped away. omigosh.

two seconds later i waved at him and signed him to step into the line, next to me. so paiseh i dint recognise wednesday raven at first sight.. he sure looks different with my contact lenses on - he somehow has perfect complexion. hey, take that as a compliment! oh, so this is one reason why not ("other than he may rob/rape/murder me"): poor face recognisation.

makan time! since the concert time on was 9pm, we went into sunway pyramid in search of dinner.
wednesday suggested western and since i wont decide, so tony romas it was. XD we walked in and i waaah-ed at the floor-to-ceiling glass window. the dark sky blue still lit up sunway lagoon down below. but we forgot all about taking a photo of the scenery while it was still bright.

lookie~ our tickets to the concert (yeah, postcard-sized) wednesday, like kilmenyanne, takes good photos of pretty things. except make my head look larger.

the menu at tony romas wasn't just western, steak was their specialty. i was not in an appetite to have steak (too filling for someone who snacked before meal), so i ordered ayam penyet. LOL no, there was no such thing but they dont have what i want - cordon bleu (so i ordered chicken-something). nothing i want to recommend here, since if you are in a steak house and you dont order steak, its like going to pizza hut and order rice, or kfc with rice, or mcd with rice, or a&w with rice.
wednesday's seafood pasta was fresh though, i mean the seafood.

when the clock struck nine, it was time to leave for coco banana. the
star-stamped (club entrance stamp) crowd screamed and shouted for half hour with adam c and another dj on the dance floor; then the opening act by local JIN who i thought was good at freestyling, and sang "party in malaysia" (im not sure if that's the actual title but its very repetitive). another half hour later, a corner of the dance floor started screaming and slowly created a vocal wave (not body wave) which spread as sean kingston got on stage!

the red lights in the background was a wall of flashing lights that spelled COCO BANANA and SEAN KINGSTON and its sponsors. i love the walls!

9pm:'s dj adam c (left) and the other dj whose name i forgot, but he gave out most of the freebies.. (we got none, according to the distance where we were.)

9.30pm: opening local act JIN gave his best freestyle and "party in malaysia"

10pm: sean kingston is in the house! (as you can see, we moved closer to the stage..)

okay, depending on your liking to sean k, i'll jst skip the bombastic vocab since i wont be biased with a review anyway. first of all, he is not your average high school student.. size. if you are were him in malaysia, you'd be hunted by magazines of "before/after" advertisers. sean k was a looming figure to the front row of fans.

the audio was blasting so loud (which i assume is normal decibel in a club), i bet sean k had a bit more difficulty than he is already facing. all the songs he performed that night was sang on top of his own recording due to the lack of a live band or minus-one. all the more easily he could be mistaken for lip-synching. i dont know why i defended him. maybe because he sang without music during encore to every song, with backup vocal rashid (i think).

however, the concert lasted for only 45 minutes, as opposed to zouk kl's 90 minutes performance. he sang six of his popular songs and some of his personal favourites:
me love, i could feel it, there's nothing, take you there, beautiful girls, dry your eyes. we hang around until the dj annouced that the crowd should leave if they are below 18years (coz the club serves alcohol after 11pm).

i told you my head looked larger! shall keep this pink number at the back of my closet for now (coz it makes my body so tiny).

oh well, i'm already eighteen but i dont drink alcohol; so
wednesday and i went out to get a drink (anyway i wasnt going to stay and dance - btw i did the lalang dance back in there). we stopped at halo cafe and i suggested the bubble tea that minori always recommend to me. unfortunately, the mocktails looked a lot more appetizing at that hour and we ordered one each.

wednesday's 'honey moon' drink was laced with salt on the glass rim and had a touch of peppermint - absolute refresher! my 'fantasy journey' drink had several layers of colours as each flavour was poured in carefully to separate it by density and topped with green tea - delicious! so good we dint get a photo before you know it *gulp* my glass was empty.


Kclee said...

love the blue smexy <3

あきこ said...

lol.. thankx! i like how the wig looked kinda natural on me nyah~

MeLC said...

I like both of the wigs but the blue one looks much more suitable for you. =P

MeLC said...

By the way, you look very model-ish pretty in your pictures with your friends. =)

あきこ said...

melc> thanks~~ <3 i remember using both the blue wig and the same dress on february 14 this year.. XD i bet you saw them on motr's friendster already.. this is for those who a were left out.. =P

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