Tuesday 30 September 2008

spam post.

you are not delusional. this is a real post. yesssss~ there is yet to be any proper update but i am currently attempting to post everything within 24hours. things that i will update for september:
- butterfly award (30sept)
- acgc 08 finale (27-28sept)
- ywsmokona's birthday!
- i know what i did last week
- i know what i did last fortnight
- i know what i did this month

meanwhile, help your self to some old posts. XD
- animax youth festival

oh, and expect a gazillion photographs. you could also click on the adverts if you feel bored. but they cant be that much fun compared to reading my older posts right? right? oh alright. a teaser photo then:

forgive simca, yes? *wink* (i uploaded this because i heart my new french manicure! so there!)

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