Sunday 23 November 2008

[prepost] saturday - AFA08 Day 2 finale

okay, so this is my final post while i am in singapore. if i still had not yet upload any AFA08 photos, im really sorry because i had not the opportunity to use the internet here.

hmm.. its 12noon, means that i get to be at Suntec halls one last time this year (this weekend is the first time i am there anyway). i hope everyone enjoyed their time at AFA08 coz i believe i did too. except for the times when i had trouble with the airlines, customs, MRT, Suntec, and food (hokkien mee here is not black like in KL, and no laksa/curry mee can compare to malaysia's authentic one). thank you sooooo much to william and family for putting up me and my friend! (*wave frantically* see you again for christmas!) oh no! christmas!!! ive just got an idea for advent calendar!

goodness me. i have great imagination or what - i am already complaining non-existant issues. (lets look forward to my first fiction publication! its in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.) lets hope i'll come home and put a strike through this complaint for good. i expect to come home and read all your comments and spamz on the cbox, okay - promise? ^____^

thanks for all your support and weekend subcription throughout the duration of AFA08! i'll be home tonight around midnight, and i have souvenir for everyone~

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