Saturday 22 November 2008

[prepost] saturday - AFA08 Day 1 photos

hah. gotcha.

well, not really. but you are reading this because it was pre-written on 13nov. so, i am particularly sad that i still cannot upload the photos i have taken today (assuming my big head remembered to get fresh batteries and more importantly, bring the camera along). this also means that i cant tell you if i got lost at the MRT, had a misunderstanding at the AFA ticket counter, bumped into some great cosplayers, met up a lot of people who bore familiar faces, really tired, got other people to buy me lunches and dinner, kicked motr's friends who he might be meeting, and got back to william's rather tired tonight.

they may be true but they are not a fact, no, not yet. coz now, at time of post (not press time) i am tired and my mind is wondering between memories and sleep.

tomorrow is already my last day in singapore - its too quick! where did all the time fly to?

oops, gotta stop blogging - have to pack up for AFA day 2 (and home). do not be fooled, i am posting in future p-o-v. i'll take it as a compliment if you think its believable! XD

before i forget, read my next post: 12noon, 23 november 2008. (my, isnt it exciting!)

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