Saturday 22 November 2008

[prepost] saturday - AFA08 Day 1

status: in singapore @ cousin william's home~ (will be leaving for AFA soon!)

as you have expected, this is the ever reliable blogger auto-publish. aint it way more trusty than having me post one by one? if i said it was going to publish today, it gets published today.

how to go to AFA08?
by public transport: ride along the MRT line to City Hall, walk underground the City Link Mall which ends up in the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. four floors up, you arrive at the entrance of halls 403-404 which welcomes visitors to Anime Festival Asia.

the throng of people i expected to see are: cosplayers, arcade and console gamers, children and parents, Shonen Jump fans (Death Note!), STUDIO 4°C fans, kunio okawara and gundam fans, ichirou mizuki fans and "VIP fans" (those who have the not-yet-released VIP seats to his mini-concert later of the evening), and did i mention cosplayers? lets hope i have not forgotten anyone.

motr and i will be going to suntec together in a short while from this post. the hall opens at 10am, but you can purchase your pre-registered tickets starting 9am. but for me, i will be claiming my ticket at the cosplayer's counter as i have registered for the cosplayer entrance fee waive (free!) by 7nov.

i hope to see a lotta things and take loads of photos, or as many as my batteries will allow. (i have to save up for day 2 too!) oh, yes of course, my cosplay. i was hoping to group up with the singapore team (with deidara and stardust) but apparently the singapore members have taken up other characters for AFA08. well, i'll drop a couple hints on my character:
  1. same character for CF08 day 1, but manga version
  2. blonde as picture below:

truthfully, i have registered for two characters but i am only revealing one (the aforementioned is for AFA08 day 1) as i may choose not to cosplay the second character, due to baggage weight limit at the airport.

stay tuned for my next post tonight: 11.30pm, 22 november 2008. (i might be able to use the computer after all! *cross fingers for uploading photo status*)

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