Friday 21 November 2008

[prepost] friday - running errands and riding MRT

status: in singapore @ cousin william's home - homestay host! (writing from overseas p-o-v, eventhough still malaysia IP address.)

what a tiring day! first it was all the hassle at LCCT. (i had forgotten how hectic can it be with airasia if there is a conflict of interest.) then it was running errands while conquering MRT (so that i dont get lost to suntec/city hall, since i already know whats the LRT like in malaysia.)

well, that could or could not have been true. all i know is that if there has been trouble at the LCCT, it was either caused by my luggage or delayed departure. (i hereby thank everyone who bothered to sms or call me earlier today~) here's one of my lengthy lists but this one is a list of errands to run while in singapore:
  1. buy singapore hardrock cafe t-shirt for xxx (unnamed because i told him nobody from class will get a mention in my blog, thus they are not able to locate my blog - imma coward?)
  2. visit cosafe @ chijmes
  3. popular bookfest @ suntec
  4. window shopping @ chinatown
  5. meet friends with motr (not going, if i chose #6..)
  6. makan dinner with relatives
  7. sakae sushi buffet at student price!
  8. buy souvenirs (its at the bottom of the list because i had forgotten about this!)
see - its not as lengthy as you thought, right? anyway, if this was posted real-time, i would be too tired out by now as it has been a long day today, and i need the sleep for tomorrow - Anime Festival Asia aka AFA08! oh, guess what are my bedtime story? defamation act (for law mid-term test!) and two whole scenes of dialogues to memorize for my upcoming play for drama class.

here is today's "image of the day" for the sake of adding visual items related to today:
singapore MRT/LRT system: eight lines, 14 terminals! (thank goodness for whichever of these i might be using: one-time travel/tourist/student pass.)

stay on your toes for my next post: 9.30am, 22 november 2008!

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MeLC said...

The MRT system looks neat, but too complicated for my sick brain to comprehend. =.= Anyways, hope you are enjoying yourself there. I want souvenirs! It's a must! =P

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