Friday 21 November 2008

[prepost] I'm leaving on a red plane..

ohayo, minna-tachi~ i am posting this in advance (12 nov, crack of dawn) because roughly now (assuming airasia does not delay) motr and i are awaiting my 10am flight to the uniquely singapore Singapore. (its a repetition, live with it.)

as of now, i hereby predict that i will have difficulties to access the internet as i do not have a laptop to travel with for the weekend (would love to try their broadband speed). so its going to be understandable that the following five posts are [preposts] because i am so kind to share with you my fictional prediction. ^____^;;

oh, where was i? yes, LCCT. status: still in malaysia. if you are reading this exactly NOW (refer to posted time and date), you can sms or call me as mobile phones are only required to be switched off on the flight. in fact, i would like to receive a phone call or sms at 10am just so you can check on airasia (whether i am still waiting in the departure hall, or staring at the silver right wing from the white oval window - coz i always sit there to watch the wing unfold).

also, i believe there will be too little visual items for posts made-in-advance as i am not there to publish it with photos. (i shall take along the usb cable for the camera so i can attempt uploading photos from singapore!) anyway, for now you will have to do with canned photos because i will bombard you with [image heavy] posts afterwards. (melc, its time for me to take the limelight for a while~ XD)

you will stare at this plane, and imagine i am in there (the window on this side next to the wing) flying to singapore.

curses. i just realised that the wing might be a blinding red. i also remembered that the last time i was in the plane, i accidentally sat next to the emergency exit - felt like i was going to.. not reach my destination and get semi-panic attacks. (most if not all times, i dont get travel sickness.) if its motr's first flight, pray for me that i wont need a change of clothes. T__T

last but not least, hello singapore and all friends (megamitensei, ywsmokona and friend/s, clow and emina members, deidara and stardust, aoshi and /as/ members)! see you guys there~ (how silly of me - if i have no internet, so dont they.)

look forward to my next post on auto-publish: 9.30pm, 21 november 2008!

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