Tuesday 4 November 2008


on the fourth week of october, i went book-shopping~ it was great happiness. what can i say?

first i went to kinokuniya to get something off my wishlist as apparently, i had not realised that The Graveyard Book was written by the same infamous author, Neil Gaiman who wrote Stardust. so, when a local sunday paper came up with a review by daphne lee, instant 30% discount on the book alone! (with no prior purchase but must be accompanied by an original voucher cutout.)

next, there was this MPH warehouse sale going on in PJ on 22-28 october. kilmenyanne and friends went on wednesday, while i went on thursday. not much difference as most of the books started to fly out of the boxes (not shelves) on friday and mostly saturday. i know because i went there again on sunday with mum and mizuiro. have a look at the titles i grabbed:
  1. it's not about the hair (debra jarvis) = rm20 (hardcover)
  2. deltora shadowlands (emily rodda) = rm3
  3. collins english-malay dictionary = rm5
  4. artemis fowl: the opal deception = rm5 (slightly torn at the back)
the first book on the list is about debra going through cancer, and of course i dont want cancer but im reading it as umm, tribute to one of my favourite characters in sex and the city, samantha (as she battles cancer in the sixth season too). as for the dual-language dictionary, i am going to use it in translation class and exam. so there!

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MedicOnTheRun said...

the mph sales saw me overspending my budget...
and breaking the bank in the process.....
gaah... no money feels so sad :(

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