Tuesday 4 November 2008

malaysian motorcycle grand prix 2008 - part 1

honestly, i wasnt a great big fan of motorsports nor am i now. thanks to traxx.fm, kilmenyanne and i were lucky to win two complimentary tickets each (that means four in total, for those who couldnt count better than me) to watch/listen/insert-verbs. armed with a canon powershot A430 (4.0 mp) and extra batteries, here i am reporting to you some weeks later after we all know what happen to whom where of the malaysian motor gp.

photostory! (coz i dont know who was which anyway. look at the photos and recognize the racers by yourself okay? :) great.)

part 1: leading up to the race (trust me, its gonna kill you after the first few shots)...

glad to be under an umbrella on a rainy day. have to start off with the motogp girls, agreed? (no photoshop except on my girlfriends. hahah~)

i went to the sepang circuit on 18 october (day 2) with kilmenyanne and tharani. as i have experienced, there will be people who searches high and low on the internet to get directions to sepang circuit for future races (like i did). there, i have just typed in all the keywords to keep this post alive for other randoms to bump my post to the first page when they search sepang circuit.

how to go to sepang circuit
by public transport: go to (if group, meet up at) kl sentral. take the yellow LCCT bus (one-way: rm8; two-way: rm7x2=14). at the main foyer of kl sentral, there should be a promotional booth for whatever race you are going to (in my case, the morongp); you can ask them to direct you if you happen to never have taken public transport before. once on the bus, take a nap as its gonna be a while before the bus is full and it'll also take 45minutes(?) to reach the sepang circuit. where does it stop you? the entrance of the mall area.
for more information: Sepang Circuit website

looking for seats?

camera(s): checked!

standby staff: checked!

begin begun! mind you, its hard to get a shot at their speed and my slowpoke camera shutter speed, even after manual adjustments.

you dont know how many shots i had to delete just to get each one that wasnt staring at an empty tar ground.

one of the few rare shots i managed by auto-multiple shots~

*adjust duo/quadpod (my arms and knees)* *maximise zoom*

my best solo shot. sad, isnt it? of all race suits, i had to get the best picture of the worst fashion statement. that is puke-coloured!

testing camera zoom capability~

if you zoom-in, the back of the car says "media vehicle." i get a live international show and a free ride as reporter?

landscape shots I~

landscape shots II~

*whisperwhisper* is it time yet?

flagging the racers that the qualifying laps are finally over.

must get this shot for kilmenyanne - a fan.

have to do others some justice too.

a not-so-significant result, except for no.4 who got first in this qualifying round.

press conference area (real quick set-up!)

victory lap! (honestly, how did you not know?)

testing my camera zoom capability, the umpteenth time.

the closing...

okay, now that that's done, head over to part 2!


MeLC said...

Awesome pics of the circuit!!! Was it extremely noisy there what with the loud sound of engines? =S

あきこ said...

oh yes. i forgot to mention. it was LOUD there. you walk along the 'mall area' (which is something like the path to the grandstand seats) without earplugs, you can already hear its loud. you imagine: whenever five motorcycles zoom past the finish line one after another, the noise is like deafening. after half an hour, we got used to it although it was still as loud.

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