Wednesday 3 December 2008

101st blog post~

contrary to your expectations, this is just a very brief update about several things that had happened since AFA08, last 23nov. lets get to it quick - ive got good news and bad!

the last post i scheduled for publishing was on 24 nov, and that was the 100th post which said that if you are reading it, it must mean that i am not able to update until at least wednesday. that post was referring to fatigue from travelling... unexpectedly, when i reached home, i found out the home computer was held at dad's friend's place for repairs as there were serious issues with the motherboard.

the problem has yet to be fixed, so we used a temporary cpu with our D drive installed. but it was very noisy and had no network connection. doushiyo? over the weekend, dad's friend came over to setup another temporary cpu - this time, the noiselessness was terribly silent that i had to triple check that the monitor was actually connected to the cpu. (otherwise, a monitor functioning without a cpu would definitely be haunted - and mine isnt even mac.)

the bad news
ALL my photographs were saved in E drive. C drive was reformatted (the only things we save in there are program files like photoshop and messenger, so all those are erased). D drive is in the temp cpu so that the data can be accessed for the meantime. but only the D drive is with me now.

E drive was reformatted too.

last week wednesday
mass media law midterm test was up at noon and guess what? no - how dare you guess that i had not study? as i quote xxx (the kid from my class who wanted me to get a hardrock cafe tee from singapore), theres nothing to study for law - just read and remember the formula. i did a quick read, but there wasnt enough time to read up the part for the defendant's defences. i must have wrote up a terribly poor defence for the poor defendant. also, i could have done better - if not for taking Sedition Act law book, instead of Defamation Act law book!

the good news
the same day, after i got home from law midterm test, i met up with clow who safely shipped my beloved rei and asuka figurine sets from AFA08 (since i decided it was risky to attempt taking them on the "airasia 7kg weight limit and one hand-carry only" policy).

mana tahu? my backpack certainly felt it weighed a little more than that, since motr and i had to stuff a million bits and pieces into our bags - turned out we were among the tiny percent of almost 150 passengers (per flight) who actually hand-carried ONE luggage.

coming friday
i will be having a play presentation on scenes eight and nine of "a streetcar named desire" with another five group members. as of today (press time), we will complete our filming (to produce a CD for our tutor). here is my progress:
1 - wanted to be the director as i felt that i was bossy enough to direct it.
2 - end up as female protagonist, gave director's role to the narrator.
3 - volunteered for stage manager after i decided to step down as director.
4 - unknowingly have become artistic director as i am now in charge of everything you see and hear (props, sets, costumes, makeup, background music) during our presentation coming friday.
5 - my bad boys need help with their lines. i think i'll take up voice coach too.

basically i still have a lot of control. i'll be bossy and fussy because i am able to be snobbish by claiming i have been, seen, and watched plays at KLPAC. muahahaha!

(today filming; tomorrow finishing props; friday presentation..) will blog again on saturday.

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