Sunday 8 March 2009

[WIP] cosplay props & costume

want to get an insight on how i make my cosplay props? i have photos and instructions in 10 steps if you want to try any! as for my costumes, sorry, i cant really teach you that, but you can have a look!

liz thompson - soul eater
thompson sisters hats.
event: future.
incomplete: cut out all the patterns for two hats
completed: patches on back of pants (already sewn the front last CF08)

ryomou shimei - ikkitousen
earring, cross choker, wig.
event: emina cosplay photoshoot.
making the earring:
1. prepare tools (pencil, coin fishing line, paper, compass) and material (i used silver coloured sculpey bought from art friends).

2. yinyang shape - draw "figure 8" with two identical coins (choose the coin according to the size that you want your earring to be). then use compass to draw around the figure 8.
3. cut out accordingly - there should be two pieces, a yin and a yang.

4. peel one part of sculpey (its a small earring but you need a minimum 6mm or 1/4in thickness to bake at 130degreesC for 10-15minutes).

5. put the sculpey between plastic sheet (so that your tools dont get dirty) and roll its flat (remember: 6mm thickness is recommended minimum!)

6. sandwich the flat sculpey between the yinyang cut outs. then cut with fishing line along the border (its okay if the shape runs - you can use your finger to fine tune it later).

7. use a needle to pull the fishing line through the middle and cut out a tiny hole.

8. take an earring hook (buy from art friends) and push it in at the top.

9. place on baking sheet to bake at 130degreeC for 10-15 minutes in OVEN only, NO microwave oven. (depending on the heat in your oven you may take more or less time - but STAY WATCH at all times - when smoke start emitting from your clay or oven, (a) you die from the fumes, (b) your clay is overbaked, (c) your oven is not useable for food!)

10. remove from oven, let it cool, and then varnish (with sculpey's own finish)
completed: earring and cross pendant (for choker, also a baked sculpey) - photo refer to misato below.
incomplete: wig (still need it shorter)

misato - neon genesis evangelion
cross choker (cheated! re-use ryomou's choker).
event: GACC/daicon.
completed: silver cross choker

tsubaki - soul eater
axe-sickle with chain (to ponytail), beige dress-coat with double studded belts.
event: ACGC 09 - day 2.
making the axe-sickle with chain:
1. prepare all the materials and tools (paper, artcard, styrofoam, foam cutter, tissue rolls, masking tape, pva glue, scissors, ruler, plastic chain, and reference image!)
2. draft the weapon in life size on a large scrap paper

3. cut out the foam parts for the blade of the axe-sickle. (i suggest you use pins to secure the pattern on the foam so that you cut straight.) i used 2parts for the short side "axe" and 1part for the longer part "sickle"

4. use masking tape to tape them all together roughly (as you just need to have a look at the overall result)

5. when you are lazy, spray silver paint on the plastic chain (bacause plastic chains come in white/red/yellow - i need it to look like metal) and allow to dry (takes a day or so, while you laze around!)

6. wait lar. lazy day.
incomplete: axe-sickle with chain

nemu kurotsuchi - bleach
butterfly, vice captain badge, red bauble-like hair-tie.
event: ACGC 09 - day 1.
making nemu's vice captain badge:
1. prepare the tools and materials needed: thick artcard, normal/tracing paper, pva glue, scissors, life-size pattern (downloadable from here).
2. make copies of the pattern on tracing paper (i used plain paper) until you are sure that is the size that you want. (explains why i have two captain symbol cutouts above.)
3. trace pattern onto the artcard.
4. cut them out accordingly.
5. arrange the patterns properly (double check your kanji is not reversed).
6. glue the back of each piece of pattern starting with the number twelve (in kanji) and captain symbol.
7. get a white armband.
8. attach the badge to your armband with masking tape (you could use more permanent options).
9. wear the armband and badge up the left sleeve of nemu's gi.
10. you are ready to go!

making the butterfly:
gather all your tools and materials: paper, artcard, scissors, double-sided tape. trace the butterfly on paper, then cut it out and place it on your hand to make sure you have gotten the right size. trace the butterfly on artcard, cutout accordingly, and make two folds up the middle neatly. finally, stick double-sided tape under the butterfly and peel off 'smooth' tape when need to use. carefully remove the double-sided tape when no longer sticky, and replace with a new strip.
completed: 12th vice captain badge, shadow butterfly

* i'll upload some MORE photos later. very the tired from full-day photoshoot with EMINA.

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