Saturday 11 April 2009

[scheduled] David Archuleta Showcase in Sunway Amphitheatre!

hello fans of David Archuleta! i am now in sunway amphitheatre, awaiting the appearance of David himself! i dont really know the programme as of press time, but it has been speculated that our 2nd Malaysian Idol winner Daniel Lee is doing the opening act!

this is only HALF the tickets my friend and i have received (coz we have eight)!

you can follow my real-time updates live on Twitter! also, here are my friends' blogs who have blogged about David Archuleta in Malaysia:

nQw - main sponsor of the 8 tickets!
Dniz - fellow reporter of David's arrival in KLIA!
mizuiro - imouto-san who will be tagging along for his showcase!


Deniece said...

lol.. i become the reporter of his arrival pulak.. haha..

あきこ said...

dniz> can lah.. coz i dont think many people on my bloglist posted about david archuleta. but we know got somebody who post a lot about it. XD

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