Saturday 11 April 2009

David Archuleta Showcase photos!

since we are all interested to look at david archuleta's photos, here is a brief chronicle of how we (nqw and i) got our fantastic tickets to watch the showcase:
mid march - announced DA showcase, but no set date yet.

26 march - DJ rudy phoned (to win four tickets to DA showcase)!

27 march - attempt to win Sony+TheStar's contest to interview DA!

8 april - collected four tickets to DA showcase from DiGi!

10 april - collected four tickets to DA showcase from Astro!
next, lets have a look at what happened on david's showcase LIVE:
date: 11 april 2009
time: 3pm onwards
venue: sunway amphitheatre
twitter updates:

10.23am - going to sunway now!

10.43am - attention to DA concert goers: park at sunway medical hospital!

12.26pm - more people coming in after 12noon. gate opening for bag check!

1.44pm - have got my seat in sunway amphitheatre now. DJ (on air) reports that DA is taking a shower in hotel room now!

3.05pm - DA fans are screaming as they (stage staff) play with the lighting. DJ Ean is here!

3.22pm - DJ JJ is here - fans singing crush. DJs are stalling time. srsly. cloudy at sunway. may rain.

4.01pm - JJ and Ean giving out prizes. opening act by astro talent quest choo hou ren.

4.24pm - two more opening acts by one in a million winner alif and malaysian idol winner daniel lee.

4.40pm - david opens with a little too not over you at sunway amphitheatre!

5.01pm - david continues with touch my hand, dont let go and crush!

5.07pm - david's keyboard rendition of thousand miles and angel!
The End.
finally, all that you have been awaiting for! photos of david performing at his showcase with my camphone:

parked at sunway med hosp. and cruisers stationed at the entrance.

the first few in queue (reportedly arrived at 8am!)

the bag check station and rules at the entrance.

this is the queueeeee behind me (and theres more until the end which was a bent-U end)

DA showcase security staffs (dont you want a piece of that tshirt?)

temporary mini booth selling DA merchandise (album, postcard, poster, lyric book)

our beloved sponsor-aka-#1fan nqw very hot by noon. XD

ATV rides! (no lah... just cruising staffs.)

mizuiro and i at our very-the-proud seats.

just want to show how the amphitheatre stage looked.

food there was expensive; choice between KFC or pizza hut. drink lagi expensive; choices of bottled water, 100plus, coke.

half of the massive crowd turn up. yeah, half (coz it was shot from where i was seated, quite centre-middle).

well, of course we had pizza for lunch! background top-left: not with us. XD

in pic, bottom-right: free DA paperfan for the first hundred or two in queue.

well, the photos above were apparently all about DA showcase as i doubted my camphone's ability to focus on such a faraway subject. and the below here are all the (hopefully better) photos i shot with my digicam!

my orange jacket and freebies~ (they still try to brainwash us until the entrance)

the (still empty) stage!

wee~ our view.

big ass dslr. thestar photgrapher (coz his telescope lens got label thestar).

who is he?! i think ive seen him somewhere before! (television?)

8tv interviewers & the blonde and brunette.

jj reading the DA placards made by fans in the crowd~

ean giving out prizes directly to the fangirls! (can you spot him? i wonder if he got groped in that sea of people.)

hou ren sang two songs. (but i dont pay attention to chinese language songs.)

alif performed two songs. one was (please) jangan nakal; and the background light created an accidental heart!

daniel lee also performed two songs; one made famous at malaysian idol mimpiku.

david archuleta enters!

david archuleta playing the keyboard as he sings~

photo sequence of his first song performance a little too not over you.

[ editing video clips from DA showcase ]

that's all from yours truly, akiko! (sorry for the delayed report, but still) i hope you enjoyed the photos (though there werent many).

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