Thursday 21 May 2009

a K-ON inspired day out.

*refer to K-ON episode 2*

this morning i was at minori's place to watch her play the piano and her beloved ESP electric guitar. (black and glossy!) after that, we had a "test drive" around her housing area and back. if the car was mine, no prizes for guessing who was taking the test drive. XD

once we were in the carpark of mid valley, we went many many times around for a parking lot. strangely, we bumped (NOT physically, mind you!) into a big white car aka the same person. guess what? the third time we saw him, he was walking to the escalator - which means he found a parking lot first and we did not! and the fourth time... i'll save it for later.

akiko and minori were here!

our purpose in mid valley today was to:
  • window shop for particular musical instruments and get the best (aka cheapest) price.
  • shop for some unnecessary things to buy.
  • have lunch.

to our surprise instead, our day went like this:
  • make first purchase! (mine totalled RM2, hers RM2.50) lol.
  • sweep floor by floor for any gashapon/figures and music instrument shops.
  • take note of prices (for guitar, bass, and drums).
  • withdraw money from ATM. (RM50~)
  • have quick lunch. (onigiri bento and apple juice~)
  • buy gashapons! (ultimate action evangelion 1.0 series)
  • play taiko (my first)!

onigiri bento~ (the staff forced us to choose fork&spoon OR chopsticks)

for your information, we spend a splendid amount in jusco... both the supermarket (lunch actually) and arcade (gashapons and taiko). we went to McD for free tissue and straws (for our drinks). then, i managed to roll out the evangelion fourth angel (which probably contained the most parts i ever saw in a gashapon)!

its like fixing a gundam kit! how is the above to look like the below...!

Evangelion 4th Angel SACHIEL.

speaking of "fourth"... the fourth time we saw that man from the big white car (we noticed he was wearing a pinstriped white shirt too) was in Yamaha - while we were browsing for the prices, he was sitting in there testing a classic-looking electric guitar and repeated asked the Yamaha staff, "are you sure cannot give me another 5% discount ah?" i thought, mister you can drive a big fat car in the OPPOSITE direction at the P2 carpark, you want further discount at Yamaha?

anyway, that was our K-ON inspired day out. (except the number "4" which appeared a few times.)


MeLC said...

That sounded fun! Why are you looking for a musical instrument anyway?

あきこ said...

to play~

MedicOnTheRun said...

geez.. of all places..
nvr even told me...

あきこ said...

from today, it was a while ago already lah...

MedicOnTheRun said...

still lolz.. i thought u went to the one in sunway

あきこ said...

well now you know~ XD

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